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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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KTFA Members "News links and opinions Monday Afternoon 2-10-2020


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KTFA Members "News links and opinions Monday Afternoon 2-10-2020 Empty KTFA Members "News links and opinions Monday Afternoon 2-10-2020

Post by rocky on Tue 11 Feb 2020, 2:36 am

[size=30]KTFA Members "News links and opinions Monday Afternoon 2-10-2020[/size]
Doodlebug: Family, last Tuesday (February 4th) I received word that on Monday, February 3rd, an ambulance arrived at the CBI for Dr. Shabibi. I haven’t said anything because I was asked not to until my contact had an update for me.
 He shared with me last Tuesday, that Dr. Shabibi looked to be losing some weight since he came back to the CBI at the beginning of December. I shared with all of you in December, that Dr. Shabibi started working “full days” at the CBI. Today, February 10th, I just received an update that “Dr. Shabibi was treated at the Green Zone Hospital for Minor things”.
The employees are talking amongst themselves that it was for “stress”. He has not been to work since February 3rd.
I know some will be worried that this might affect the RI, but it is my opinion that it will not. This RI is not hinged by one person and one person only… the CBI has marching orders and they will follow them whether Dr. Shabibi is there or not.
Of course, this is Dr. Shabibi’s baby and we would all love for him to be there to ring the bell… so let’s just all lift Dr. Shabibi up in prayer so that his health will be Restored to His Perfection.
I will keep everyone informed as information comes in.

Don961:  Parliamentary Committee: The development of the banking system will encourage investments
Sunday 09 February 2020
Baghdad / Al-Sabah
The Parliamentary Economy and Investment Committee believes that developing the banking system and administrative and customs transactions will bring foreign companies to invest in Iraq.
Member of the Parliamentary Committee Nada Shaker said to "Conscious": "The most important steps that should be taken to bring solid foreign companies in the country is to work on developing the system as well as administrative and customs dealings."
She added, "The reluctance of foreign companies to work in Iraq is due to administrative corruption, in addition to that the investment law contains some gaps that hinder investment in the country."
She explained that "her committee is seeking with the public and private sectors to set up a mechanism to attract investment companies to work in Iraq".    LINK
Don961:  Find a way out to the budget
Sunday 09 February 2020   Mohammed Sharif Abu Maysam 
 The budget law for the year 2020 has become linked to a series of timings related to the approvals on the cabinet cabinet of the new government, and then voting on it in the House of Representatives, which may mean more time and we are now in the second month of the fiscal year, which will reflect negatively on the financial plan Aiming at rotating the macroeconomic wheel in achieving its goals. 
And if the operational part depends on the authority of the caretaker government, to spend 1 to 12 according to Article -13- of the Financial Management Law No. 6 of 2019, then the spending in the investment part of the budget can be from the annual allocation of ongoing investment projects and their allocations are listed during The previous fiscal year according to the new law, and in a way that facilitates the caretaker government the task of avoiding continuous projects from extinction and exposing them to losses according to the request of the relevant ministries to the Council of Ministers, and this is what was not present in the Financial Administration and Public Debt Law No. 95 of 2004 established by the civil governor Paul Bremer, "which continued to work until the month of August of last year, which is the date on which published the text of the new law, the Iraqi newspaper facts.
However, investment expenditures on new projects will remain idle, unless the caretaker government submits an application that the existing authorities can find for him a legal outlet that allows addressing the current parliament to vote on adopting the financial statements for the previous year as a cup of financial statements for this year, for the public interest and not to be disrupted.
The interests of the people, and to avoid the risks of this disruption, whose effects on the movement of the market can be withdrawn due to the economic downturn that we will lead to, and in this direction there is a legal basis based on what was stated in the new financial management law, which “considered the final financial statements for the sixth year Bug mainly financial statements for this year, once approved in the House of Representatives, "and therefore could it be easy in front of the current parliament to push for the conduct of the current government work and to spare the country further losses that may result from the delay in approving the General Budget Law for this year. 
And since the general laws include a set of rules that target the public interest, and based on the legal rule "where there is no interest or no possibility to act", the search for legal exits that achieve the interests of the country and people at this critical stage is a patriotic act with distinction, so how about the matter and legal texts It allows those in charge an opportunity to spare the country more financial losses, in a country where the public budget accounts for about 45 percent of GDP.
Through the data we are witnessing, waiting for the birth of the budget law for the year 2020 and relying on the idea of not disposing in the search for legal exits that depend the interest of the country, will lead, and necessarily, to more negative repercussions on the overall scene, which holds those responsible for this matter responsible for seeking to search for these exits .       LINK
MilitiaMan:  Pressure is on..I like the pressure they are showing.. imo ~ MM

Don961:  After the date of its approval was four months late and the deficit rate rose to 48 trillion dinars ... Parliamentary finance for "Al-Zawraa": The approval of the general budget will take place after giving confidence to Allawi and his interim government
February 10, 2020 9:03 PM Author: alzawraapaper
Al-Zawra / Youssef Salman:

Despite the late approval date since late last year and until now, the House of Representatives is still waiting to receive the draft federal budget law 2020 officially, after a vote to grant confidence to the Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Allawi and his temporary cabinet and its government program.
In addition, the Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed the high rate of deficit In the general budget 2020 to about 48 trillion dinars.
Member of the committee, MP Magda Al-Tamimi, told Al-Zawraa that “the financial deficit is very large in the draft of the general budget law 2020, when it reached about 48 trillion dinars, and this is the true reason for not sending the budget to Burl So far, that «the She added» the government is trying to load the burden of the outgoing and the implications of rising budget deficit in 2020 to designate the prime minister to get rid of the responsibility «, indicating that« since 15 last October, the budget was supposed to be ready in front of the parliament «. She explained that "the retirement of the resigned government under the pretext of conducting the business is due to its evading accountability for the reasons for the high rate of deficits in the public budget." 48 trillion dinars.
The committee’s rapporteur, MP Ahmed Hama Rashid, said in a press statement that “the prime minister-designate has a long history of fiscal and monetary policy in the country, so the budget that suffers from a large fiscal deficit exceeding 48 trillion dinars can be reconsidered.”
He added that “the new government six Om addressing the fiscal deficit through a reconsideration of some paragraphs », noting that« Prime Minister-designate Mohammed Allawi can not approve the budget and send it to parliament, only after the vote of confidence in his booth and the ministerial program of his government ».    link
Don961:  A member of Parliament's security announced the start of the withdrawal of US forces from 15 military bases in Iraq
Security 02/2020 17:43 1238 Editor: amm   
Baghdad today - Baghdad
Member of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, MP Ali al-Ghanmi, confirmed on Sunday (February 9, 2020) that the start of the withdrawal of American forces from bases in which they are located on Iraqi soil.
Al-Ghanimi told (Baghdad Today) that "the United States of America has started to leave Iraq, and its forces have begun to physically withdraw from 15 military bases."
He pointed out that "the American presence was confined to two military bases, the first in the northern governorate of Arbil, and the second is the Ain al-Assad base in the western Anbar province."
Al-Ghanimi added, "The Americans have a commitment and determination to remain in the two bases (Erbil - Anbar), but the popular and parliamentary pressure insists on their withdrawal from all the bases in which they are present."
And last Thursday, the US Department of Defense confirmed that there was no intention to withdraw from Iraq, noting that its goal is to remain in the Middle East.
"We have no intention of withdrawing from Iraq and our goal is to remain in the Middle East," media quoted a Pentagon spokesman as saying.
He added, "We continue to plan and redeploy and look forward to the resumption of field operations."
The Iraqi Council of Representatives voted, on Sunday (January 05, 2020), unanimously on a parliamentary resolution that includes obliging the Iraqi government to cancel the request for assistance submitted by it to the international coalition to fight ISIS, and the Iraqi government's commitment to end the presence of any foreign forces in Iraqi territory, and to prevent it from using land and water And the Iraqi airspace for any reason, and the Iraqi government is committed to restricting weapons to the state.
The decision included the Iraqi government represented by the Foreign Minister urgently going to the United Nations and the International Security Council and filing a complaint against the United States of America for its violations of and serious breaches of the sovereignty and security of Iraq, and the Iraqi government to conduct investigations at the highest levels to know the causes of the American bombing and inform the House of Representatives of the results within seven Days from the date of this decision, which is implemented from the date of voting on it, in addition to the possibility of proceeding with the legislation legislation to abolish the Strategic Framework Agreement between Iraq and the United States of America.
And the region is witnessing an unprecedented tension, after an assassination operation carried out by the United States targeting the commander of the Quds Force in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Qassem Soleimani, and the deputy head of the Popular Mobilization Authority, Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, in an air strike on a dawn plane at dawn Friday, January 3 of this year. , Near the Baghdad airport.  LINK
Don961:  An upcoming meeting between the Designated Prime Minister and the demonstrators
Sunday 09 February 2020   LINK

MilitiaMan:   ”The legal expert stressed that“ the prime minister-designate - in the event that he obtains the confidence of the House of Representatives - must work to the extent that preserves the interests of the state from harm, as well as send bills or conclude political or economic agreements with other countries, in addition to that His most important priority is to send a bill The general budget for the fiscal year 2020 due to its importance in conducting the work of state institutions and public facilities, provided that they do not include obligations that exceed the ceiling of the transitional government's mandate."
MilitiaMan:  They'll need to show the 2019 FML Amendment imo ahead of this years budget. Pressure is oh so high now.. The CBI will need to have a say in this.. imo!~ MM
Samson:  Expert: Al-Sadr resorted to force after losing his political and popular strength due to the demonstrations
10th February, 2020
Political expert, Youssef Al-Tamimi, confirmed that the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada Al-Sadr, resorted to force and weapons after losing his political and popular strength due to the demonstrations.
Al-Tamimi said in a press statement, "The statements of Abu Dua'a Al-Issawi, a leader in the Sadrist movement, are not strange or surprising, because the current always waving arms when it exhausts its political or popular options."
Al-Tamimi added, "Al-Sadr lost his political strength due to the weakness of parliament, the overthrow of the government and the state of disintegration in the political scene because of the demonstrations that shook many of the previous alliances."
According to Al-Tamimi, "Al-Sadr no longer controls the parliament’s decisions to pressure the street like the previous one when he imposed Haider al-Abadi's candidacy or agreed to nominate former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki."
Al-Tamimi added that "Al-Sadr, who lost his political and popular power due to the demonstrations, which challenged his control of the street for the first time, resorted to the only remaining force he had, which is the force of weapons."  LINK

Posts : 189676
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KTFA Members "News links and opinions Monday Afternoon 2-10-2020 Empty TNT, Frank26, SRU and more Monday PM 2-10-2020

Post by rocky on Tue 11 Feb 2020, 2:39 am

[size=30]TNT, Frank26, SRU and more Monday PM 2-10-2020[/size]
Weekend UPDATE for February 8-9, 2020
Iraqi security forces arrested commander Avs El Khafaji of the para military militias for the involvement of the killings of the protestors.  The headquarters was raided by Iraqi forces and several hundred documents were retrieved.
Iraqi TV is indicating that the US may slap severe sanctions on the CBI for alledgedly transferring funds to Iran militias inside Iraq.
Sunday -
It appears Sadr may be on the run and Allawi is actually winning people over. Apparently, there will be a full cabinet established with no Iranian influence.
Sadr on Iraqi TV threatening Allawi saying he must select his choices or he will fall within 3 days and the Sadrist group will turn Iraq into hell. #wearethepeople

Courtesy of Dinar Guru:
Frank26  ...last Thursday members of the CBI elite and the Minister of Finance...met with the banks of Iraq.  All the banks of Iraq.  All the lending institutions that deal with money. I talked with [Guru] Walkingstick...and I said were you guys there? 
He said yeah.  'My firm was there...they laid it out completely. The whole roadmap for the redenomination, for the revaluation, the recalculating and for what they're about to do.  The reinstatement of their currency'...they laid it all out. 
This is what we've done. This is where we're at.  This is how many times we postponed it.  This is why we're about to do it now.  This is what we're gonna do. 
These are our benchmarks at every point along the way.  This is what we've accomplished...they talked about timeframes on their currency reform.  It was laid out from the very beginning of the Monetary reform all the way to the end.  And the end is now...the CBI is about to speak to the citizens of Iraq and they're going to share all of this information that they have...
China's Motor City Brought To A Stand Still, Who Is Exposed To Production Halt's In China? VW, Tesla
Silver Report Uncut:  Feb 10, 2020
We focus on China's motor city today which has been brought to a standstill and attempt to answer which companies are the most exposed to the current production halts in China.
The worlds manufacturer as they are often called the supply chain disruptions are soon to be announced if these manufacturers do not get running again.
According to a report by S&P the detail VW's exposure being the greatest with as much as 40% of their revenue from china. The auto sector, in general, has been in a decline so this couldn't have come at a worse time.

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