BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq Iraq Stock Exchange, signed Tuesday, the electronic trading system agreement via the Internet trading investors remotely with a Jordanian company specialized in systems management Altdaol.oukal market in a statement today: " The Iraq Stock Exchange signed an agreement with the company Jordanian system of electronic trading via the internet remotely . " the statement added," the agreement included a license to use the trading system viathe internet for five brokerage firms active as a first stage , "explaining that" the implementation of the project plan , including the creation of the electronic system and the development of tasks and services that will allow the investor trading in shares contributing companies, bonds and any listed securities in the market through this system and via the Internet , like any investor , trading in the market hall and organize all financial settlements and equity in accordance with procedures and instructions of the prevailing market . "He pointed out that" managers Commissioners brokerage firms have received special training for management will be followed by another training for authorized and open the door in front of train investors by brokerage firms and the Association of mediators money leaves to spread the culture of investment and expand its base by trading stocks and bonds from anywhere in the world . "he continued market according to the statement that" it is hoped the project launched officially during the first quarter of 2017 after completion of the binding mechanisms with the Iraq Stock Exchange systems and build the required access sites. "