BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq showed a member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Ali Fayad, Monday, surprised at the high cost of the project refinery in Karbala, explaining that the move to reduce the cost will be at the expense of specifications, as he emphasized that the Committee will be held accountable every official found to be involved in the suspicions of corruption or attempt to obtain stakes. Fayad said in a press statement today: " The cost of the project refinery in Karbala high oil amounting to more than $ 6 billion raised surprised and made us put question marks and exclamation , " noting that " the Iraqi government will assume fully funded." He said Fayad, the "Korean companies are moving towards reducing implementation costs, but this is without a doubt will be at the expense of the specifications if what has been agreed with the ministry, as well as that this reduction will affect the quality of the products and may not conform to international standards , " Fayad . He explained that " the Commission will work as an authority control to follow up the work of a coalition of Korean companies consisting of four companies led by the company Hyundai and we will hold all official found to be involved in the suspicions of corruption or attempt to obtain quotas and proportions of the implementing agencies of the project " is noteworthy that the Council of Ministers approved in the (January 7, 2014) to refer implementation venture refinery in Karbala on a coalition of Korean companies at a cost of more than six billion dollars, and the duration of implementation is 54 Shahra.ccant oil Ministry held a tour promoting investment for the establishment of four new refineries in a number of provinces , including Nasiriyah refinery capacity of 300 thousand barrels per day refinery in Karbala refinery in Missan refinery in Kirkuk capacity of 150 barrels per day each.