BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The alliance of "Asron" backed by a leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr on Thursday, to spend all financial allocations in the financial budget for the current year in the doors allocated to them. The head of the bloc, "Sason" Hassan Aqoli at a news conference in the House of Representatives In the presence of a number of deputies of the bloc that "yesterday was the vote on paragraphs and important materials in the budget as well as the deletion of materials in which waste of public funds." He added that "there is a reservation on some of the articles voted on, we sought to maintain public money and achieve social justice." That "the Alliance Suron pledges to save Iraqi money, The Iraqi parliament approved the budget for the year 2019 early on Thursday after a vote extended for hours, to end the freeze over the weeks because of allocations to the various provinces and the privatization of government projects.