in an attempt to confirm the success of the raid, the Minister revealed that an Indian agency specializing in surveillance, spotted 300 mobile phone has been active in the suspected camp , which was bombed by Indian aircraft on 26 February to Pakistan . 

In an attempt to dispel doubts about the results of the raid carried out by India in the Pakistani section of Kashmir , Interior Minister Rajnat Singh announced that his country's warplanes bombed the camp of the "Army of Mohammed" after monitoring the phones mentioned.
"Some people are asking about the number of people killed and asking answers from us," said Singh. "The region's 300 credible mobile phone system showed that the area had 300 active mobile phones before Indian pilots dropped bombs. 

A number of Indian officials have expressed doubts about the Indian government's assertion that "a very large number" of members of a militant Islamic group in the raid. 

In turn, Pakistan announced at the time that Indian aircraft bombs hit a largely empty hill near the town of Balakot, in the northeast of the country without causing any harm to anyone. 

The Indian side insisted on the fall of a large number of members of the "Army of Muhammad"

"We do not count the casualties, and we see whether or not the target is hit," Air Force Commander Marshal Berendar Singh Dahanwa was recently asked about the number of terrorists killed in the air strike.