MP on the alliance of victory Faleh Zeidi, on Sunday, that the House of Representatives and the government coming to "an important step and dangerous" is the file of special grades and independent bodies, noting that the blocks reached the stage of "political closure." 

Al-Zayadi said in an interview with Alsumaria News that "until the moment there is no real principle or mechanism to choose who positions in the ministries or independent bodies or others, whether through consensus or quotas or efficiency or agreements or other mechanisms to be worked in Parliament "Noting that" the House of Representatives and the government coming to the important step and a large and serious is the file of special grades and independent bodies. "

He added that "the current situation and the vagueness of mechanisms called for many blocs and deputies to change the map of political alliances in the House of Representatives, which is the safest way to stand against any person or entity trying to seize positions," explaining that "the political blocs to return to the first principle, which agreed when The prime minister was chosen and is fully authorized to choose who he sees fit based on specific criteria of competence, experience and integrity. "

He continued, "The fear of some members of Parliament from the dominance of specific actors on the positions made them get closer and queuing within the interim agreement, to stand against these attempts and these steps will certainly change the form of political alliances," stressing that, "Currently there is no real round or round table between Blocs, we have reached the stage of the so-called political shut-off between the political blocs, and it is actually now there is no real authorization for the prime minister to choose his candidates, which directly affected the submission of candidates for the remaining ministries. 

The deputy of the bloc of national approach Hussein al-Aqabi said on Friday that the methodology followed by some political parties that have adopted the formation of the government and the presence of ministers on the criminal indicators may lead to the formation of a broad national front reshaping the form of government, and considered that the government is "immune" , Pointed out the possibility of "dropping" at any moment.