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Abadi put forward a roadmap of 10 items to end the current crisis begins with no confidence in the g


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Abadi put forward a roadmap of 10 items to end the current crisis begins with no confidence in the g Empty Abadi put forward a roadmap of 10 items to end the current crisis begins with no confidence in the g

Post by rocky on Mon 18 Nov 2019, 3:47 am

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[size=52]Abadi put forward a roadmap of 10 items to end the current crisis begins with no confidence in the government.[/size]

[size=45]Al-Nasr coalition leader Haider al-Abadi presented today (Sunday, November 17, 2019) a road map to resolve the crisis in Iraq, consisting of 10 points, the first of which is the withdrawal of confidence from the current government, and the formation of another temporary ministerial limited, starting from mid-December until June 30, 2020, while he considered that any initiative does not have time limits for the "conduct of the transformation, is a procrastination and procrastination."
[size=45]Abadi said in a statement: `` Based on our initiatives since the early days of the uprising of the people, and especially the comprehensive initiatives on October 4 and November 27, 2019, we present a roadmap to resolve the crisis, and we consider any initiative that does not have time limits for the transformation is a procrastination and procrastination can not To save the country or to meet the aspirations of the people. ”[/size]
[size=45]The first points of the roadmap, proposed by the leader of the Victory Coalition: `` From now until the end of December 15, 2019, and based on Article 61 of the Constitution, and at the request of the President of the Republic (or at the interrogation of the government), the House of Representatives to withdraw confidence from the current government. A "provisional" government is formed with limited ministries and independent personalities, and an independent person is assigned to head it and none of its members is nominated for the upcoming elections.[/size]
[size=45]He added, `` The age of the 'interim' government, which starts on 15/12/2019 and ends on 30/6/2020, will temporarily manage the country's affairs and accomplish the following:[/size]
[size=45]- Fair amendments to the electoral law to ensure the renewal of political life.[/size]
[size=45]- Formation of an election commission completely independent of the parties.[/size]
[size=45]- Establishing the controls and mechanisms of elections that guarantee the integrity and free will of the voters.[/size]
[size=45]- Elections are held, and all stages of the elections are under international supervision.[/size]
[size=45]In the third point: “The elected government shall start its work on 1/7/2020 and during the first six months of its life, in cooperation with the main authorities of the country and under a time limit not exceeding the year 2020, shall establish binding paths for constitutional amendments and submit them to the referendum by the end of 2020. The political system and its institutions are based on the results of the popularly approved referendum. The fourth point is that the elected government shall, within the first six months of its life, commit to setting decisive timetables for counting weapons by the state and exposing and holding accountable the perpetrators who participated in the killing of peaceful demonstrators and members of the security forces. An end to any military or paramilitary presence outside the framework of state institutions, and an end to the detainees and missing files, and the Disappeared in all the cities of Iraq. "[/size]
[size=45]On the fifth point, Abadi suggested that "the elected government is committed during the first six months of its formation to resolve the files of corruption since 2003 to 2019 with the assistance of the United Nations mission and the use of international expertise and the public is first informed of the results."[/size]
[size=45]Sixth, he stressed the need to “legally” commit all parties and elites participating and winning the elections to the Constitution, law and national sovereignty to exercise, and pledge to reject, combat and criminalize terrorism, violence, takfir, sectarianism, corruption and organized crime, and pledge to prevent any weapon or military presence outside the rule of law, and confine the powers to establish security Protect citizens by state authorities, abide by civil and political rights and duties, values ​​of peaceful coexistence and the right to peaceful expression, promote and support security legally, institutionally and socially to protect the country and its people, reject violence and resort to arms in solving problems. All societal and political. ”[/size]
[size=45]Seventh, he pointed out the importance of “committing (official pledges) all parties and elites participating and winning elections to free the state and its institutions from the quota system and the adoption of standards of competence and professionalism and integrity and career progression and specialization and equal opportunities in the selection of candidates for positions, and activate the Federal Service Council Act, and the accountability of accountability Professional and legal evaluation of the performance of officials away from any kind of political protection. An equitable salary scale and a social justice investigator are adopted for all officials. ”[/size]
[size=45]The leader of the victory coalition, in the eighth point of his initiative, the need to “give confidence to the elected government on the basis of the political majority away from the sectarian component of the political system, and provide a program subject to periodic accountability, and the government is committed to develop comprehensive plans to modernize administrative and financial systems, and move towards Automation, transition to e-government, adoption of international standards to assess the performance of institutions, complete the advancement of the integrated market economy, and proceed with the establishment of the generations fund, sovereign fund, national development plan, Iraq Vision 2030, and the mitigation strategy N poverty, fighting unemployment and activating social security networks, and to accelerate the advancement of agricultural, industrial, commercial and banking, including the promotion of sectors of services, energy, transportation, information technology and communications, and the development of centers of administrative and professional skills of the institutions of the state and beyond "economic.[/size]
[size=45]The elected government is committed, according to comprehensive programs, to empowering youth and women in the political, economic, educational and development sectors, guaranteeing the rights of women and the rights of children, juveniles and the elderly and legislative protection for them. In the strategy of education, and the commitment to reformulate educational curricula in accordance with the educational development and to ensure the consolidation of the culture of coexistence and civic values ​​and national identity, and pay attention to culture and information Iam, arts, sports and civil work by building the state and upgrading its society and facilities. ”[/size]
[size=45]Ninth, he stressed that "the elected government and all the authorities of the country are committed to providing legislative and societal protection to all Iraqi minorities of religious, national and sectarian diversity, and not to practice exclusion, marginalization or aggression, and to ensure their compensation and return to their areas of residence, and respect their privacy." The initiative of Haider al-Abadi, stipulates that “the elected government and all other authorities of the country shall abide by the requirements of Iraqi sovereignty, ensure the liberation of the Iraqi decision from any foreign domination or trusteeship, and investigate cooperation and integration with the world on the basis of common interests in accordance with interests and sovereignty. The Iraqi. "[/size]

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