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The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, said: "Civil peace is a red line that no one can cross."
Al-Sadr said, in a video speech broadcast by the media office of the Sadrist movement, yesterday evening, Monday, “We were and are still prioritizing public interests over private ones, and I called earlier to gather (the Shiite house), and I did not receive any answer from others or any interaction from them. I called them to obey the authority and its centrality and to follow its orders and decisions.” He also called for organizing the Popular Mobilization and restoring its prestige and reputation, because many enemies are trying to tarnish its reputation, noting that he ordered the return of the Sadrist bloc to participate in the elections after some political parties signed a reform document, indicating that the names of those who signed it will appear soon, reiterating his call for dissolving the armed factions and handing over Weapons to the state and strive to combat corruption in a practical way.
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