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Nomi Prins Reveals A Shocking Private Conversation About The Fed’s Manipulation Of The World


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Nomi Prins Reveals A Shocking Private Conversation About The Fed’s Manipulation Of The World

Post by Lobo on Sat 16 Apr 2016, 8:03 pm

Nomi Prins Reveals A Shocking Private Conversation About The Fed’s Manipulation Of The World
April 16, 2016

Today Nomi Prins, who last year addressed the Federal Reserve, IMF and World Bank, revealed a shocking private conversation about the Fed’s manipulation of the world.
Today Nomi Prins revealed a shocking private conversation about the Fed’s manipulation of the world.
Eric King:  “Nomi, you just took a trip to South America, can you talk about what unfolded?”
Nomi Prins:  “I went to four of the main cities in Brazil.  I went to Rio where there is preparation for the Olympics, and also key funding deficits in terms of paying anybody who works for the city as part of their big financial crisis.  I then ended up in Brasilia, which is the capital, where I met with leaders of the central bank, the ministry of finance, and the World Bank group that is situated in Brazil….
Continue reading the Nomi Prins interview below…

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Nomi Prins continues:  “So it was a great trip.  Lots going on their politically and also a lot that connects into the general global geopolitical and economic landscape.  That landscape is in flux now between where the U.S. is present vs where the BRICS, and China are present.  And aside from Brazil’s political crisis, it’s also a focal point for a lot of that (positioning).  
Eric King:  “Can you talk about your interactions with central planners in Latin America?”
Nomi Prins:  “Yes.  I was talking to one of the senior advisors at the central bank in Brazil about how money has moved into Brazil — the kind of capital flow and how that is connected to the Federal Reserve policy.
Everything that is happening in the world right now is very connected and predicted on the zero interest rate policy that emanates from the Federal Reserve.  Even though we are in the 8th year of that policy and we talk about what Janet Yellen is going to say and do, what’s actually happening is that speculative money, cheap money, continues to flow in and out of places legally and illegally.  As an example, the Panama Papers story broke while I was in Brazil.  But legally or illegally, the money finds places to be involved for a short-term speculative bet and then it leaves much more quickly.
[size=24]This Is How The Fed Manipulates The World
I spoke with the senior advisor at Brazil’s central bank about the fact that speculative capital from the U.S. to Latin America, capital that can be attributed to QE, (a staggering) 54 percent of speculative capital going into Brazil from the U.S. is 100 percent not correlated but caused by QE.  And 64 percent of funds that are coming from the U.S. into the rest of Latin America into their equity markets is directly caused by QE.[/size]

So that’s just one area of the world that’s had a significant adjustment, and we see this same phenomenon happening globally.  The senior advisor to the central bank exposed that to me and it was his studies and amazing graphs that are very clear on this subject — exposing the true extent to which the (global) speculative capital (manipulating world markets) is predicated on Federal Reserve policy.”
Eric King:  “Nomi, what about gold?”
Nomi Prins:  “I think there is going to continue to be a lot of volatility in gold as these power plays go on between the U.S. and China and the global currency wars.  Gold has done quite well and sustained itself quite well relative to fiat currencies.  Now gold has appreciated relative to the dollar as well, but even before that, when gold was lower relative to the dollar, it was still doing well vs the euro, the yen, and so forth.
So on an international basis gold has really held its value and part of that is because of the bid from central banks outside of the West, and the IMF.

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Re: Nomi Prins Reveals A Shocking Private Conversation About The Fed’s Manipulation Of The World

Post by Proven on Sat 16 Apr 2016, 9:09 pm

To paraphase, "The reason for the currency crisis in Brazil is QE."

This is for public consumption.  

She speaks with forked tongue.

Anyone remember when Kissinger went to South America to stablize currencies in the 80s? I do. I studied it.  The US forgave their debts (sort of).  Brazil and other countries pegged their currencies to the dollar (the exchange).  Economic renaissance occurred. They gave up control of their currencies because people at the Fed were nice guys.  Sold their country for 30 pieces of silver. I remember.  

If all the money came sloshing into Brazil effected their exchange rate, could the Brazilian central bank and the Fed have stabilized it?  The answer is yes.  But they did not.  Brazilian businesses go bust and assets are for sale.  Guess who picked up the pieces?

Using an economic downturn/depression to consolidate power. Just like in the depression, the Fed consolidated power against non-aligned banks.

So, what is she really saying?  Pretty obvious to me.  A little knowledge of history and you can see straight through these people. But of course, things like this do not happen. Right?

And what were the terms of surrender from WWII? Where are those negative interest rates? Japan and Europe. Benefiting who? China and the US. The wolf pack at work. When you dance with the devil, you pay for his fee. Sorry, I'm being droll.

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