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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Think Cashless Society is So Great? Think Again, There is A Horrible Dark Side


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Think Cashless Society is So Great? Think Again, There is A Horrible Dark Side

Post by Lobo on Wed 11 May 2016, 9:40 pm

Think Cashless Society is So Great? Think Again, There is A Horrible Dark Side

By Ray Gano -
May 11, 2016

By Ray Gano
“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” – Ben Franklin
FACT – Cash and economic freedom are inseparable, in fact freedom as a whole is inseparable.
To move to a cashless society may be more convenient, but also means a loss of freedom.
So why do we still need to those pesky things called “dollar bills” ?
Without cash, totalitarianism is the next thing that will follow once a society accepts a cashless society.
Listen. I am going to be honest and say that I use pay pal and shop over the internet like thousands of other people. I think it is great and it is very convenient.
BUT… this enhanced convenience also means loss of control – cashless means automatic
Here is a great example…

Isn’t that special?
It is bad enough that we have lost our economic freedom and one MUST BUY health insurance due to that wonderful Obama Care / Affordable Health Care Act.
Here in the Blue Cross letter the “Good News” just shows you how easily your digital money can be taken from you and it is so easy to pay more.
Blue Cross will just take more money out of your bank account every month, ““it’s that simple!””

So what do we risk if we go to a cashless society?

Risk of Your Money Being Confiscated Right From Under Your Nose

By having a cashless society, it allows banks, governments and thieves to take it from you.
Example – Cyrus Bank Bail-Ins
You might remember back in 2013, banking clients in Cyprus experienced a “bail-in”.
What happened is that the banks there were partially helped by the IMF and the European Central Bank, but they did not make up the total.
So where did the banks get the rest of the money they needed?
Yep from the clients. It was one of the condition that the IMF and ECB levied on the banks. So  they made the bank clients forfeit some of the money  that was their money, which was entrusted to the bank.
This was done unilaterally – the depositors simply lost a chunck of their money. One moment it was there in the bank, next moment it is gone.. POOF out of the bank.
There was no warning, no meetings, no press release. It just happened and money was stolen.
There was no meeting of creditors (the depositors) with the bank, just a swift removal of a portion of the depositors’ money.
Bail-in legislation is now in existence in many countries and the Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Stanley Fisher noted last year that the United States is also preparing proposals to allow for “bailinable debt”.
So the message to depositors is clear- when you put money in a bank you are a “creditor” of the bank and if it goes bust you are at the bottom of the list of creditors.

The Risk of Civil Forfeiture – Seize First, Ask Questions Later

Your bank account can be raided by government authorities, like the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) without notice or reason given.
Yep it is the law and they are allowed. If the IRS believes your bank account deposit and/or withdrawals activity is suspicious and/or may involve a pattern designed to avoid reporting requirements, they may seize your account.
According to the Institute of Justice, the IRS seized more than $242 million from over 2,500 accounts for illegally structuring deposits or withdrawals. One third of these cases resulted in no criminal charges filed and involved deposits and withdrawals under $10,000.
Many innocent people have fallen into this trap and it has cost them heart ache, agony, and lost funds.

Risk of Theft – Yes, Believe It Or Not

A lot of people who are pro-cashless always tosses this one out there, “Digital Cash is safer and harder to steal.”
Just look at how many people have their bank accounts hacked. There are many popular apps for the smart phone that allows you to use your credit card by just tapping or waving your phone over a credit card machine. Just look how easy it is to steal your phone and once stolen, hack your phone.
Check out what Bill Gates said – “Cash is a bit of a trap- it can be stolen…
When you couple the problems, holes, and security breaches that Microsoft Windows has, it is easy to see how you can lose your digital cash rather quickly.

Risk of Electronic Cashless Going Into a System Failure

Think about it for a moment. Without cash, the value of currency would have no independent value outside a functioning banking system to which you have access.
If there was a failure, your money wouldn’t “work”. Just think of some of those times where the ATMs are down, EBT machines at grocery stores are down, etc.  Without a functioning electronic system, like it or not, you do not have money.
Here is something else to think about. If the banking system is down due to a power outage, solar flare, financial crisis, Internet failure, hack or network crash, your money is unavailable and potentially lost.
What happens if the back up files are lost? How do you prove you had $15,000 in your account?
Think the bank is going to believe you when you come in and ask where your $15,000 is?
One solar flare and the zeros you worked so hard to put in the bank… ZAPP…and zeros can be taken away.

Risk of Being Exiled From the System – Hitler Did It To The Jews

During World War II Hitler made it a law that Jews could not open bank accounts, could not own property or businesses. He basically exiled the Jews from earning, using and saving money.
Are you a gun shop owner and wish to sell guns via electronic commerce. Do you know that some banking and credit cards do not allow gun sales with the use of their electronic money system?
With a cashless society you may end up being shut out of the system for wrong doing. It does not matter if it is true or not, you are instantly cut off.
Got bad credit or failure to pay banking fees?
Maybe you become the victim of identity theft and as a “precaution” your account may be closed.
Think about a future where it may become against the law to be a bible believing Christian. Just like Hitler did with the Jews, a society that is anti-Christian could leverage a cashless society to basically exile you out of that society.
Without access to the banking system, how will you pay your bills and buy items you need?

Risk The Total Loss of Freedom

Bake That Cake, Pay That Raise, Buy That Insurance.
We have witnessed outcome based politics erode personal freedom in recent years thanks to not only Obama policies, but Bush policies as well.
Remember the couple who were forced to bake a gay cake? Remember the “Fund Me” campaign that people donated to in the sum of $350K +?
Remember that Fund Me decided that they did not like that couple and closed the Fund Me account and took most of the money from the couple.
Folks, this is called Forced Labor, comply or we take your money.
Look at companies who are now facing forced minimum wage laws.
Look at our forced purchases like health insurance.
You think you have an option, but in reality you don’t. All this is being forced upon us because we are moving towards a cashless society.
While going cashless may be convenient, this type of forced convenience results in a removal of freedom of choice of how you may wish to spend your money.

Fyodor Dostoevsk stated … “Money is coined liberty, and so it is ten times dearer to a man who is deprived of freedom. If money is jingling in his pocket, he is half consoled, even though he cannot spend it.”
Take cash away, and you remove that liberty.

Risk The Loss of Property Rights

Ultimately, property rights and personal rights are the same thing – Calvin Coolidge
Property rights are the foundation of a free society. If you don’t have control, ready access or the ability to spend your money when and as you please, you do not really own it.

Risk a Total Loss of Privacy

In a cashless society you lose your privacy. With digital money is the availability to track where you spend, what you spend and the things you spend your money on.
You will leave a financial digital footprint and this footprint can be accessed by anyone that might have access to your account, honestly or illegally.
Another thing is that this information can and is sold to companies to help target you, the consumer, in purchasing more of their stuff with your hard earned digital cash.
Now, a common objection to this privacy invasion is that “if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about”.
Attorney Harvey Silverglate says that the average American commits 3 felonies every day … without even knowing it.
What happens if some federal agency just happens to pull your name up on a screen and you just happen to be breaking one of those 10,000 laws that many of us do not know about. Basically that agent is spying on you and with a flip of a switch can make you an outlaw and shut your entire cash life down.
Do you know that your purchase history can create a profile that the government can use against you including your purchases of books deemed to be critical of the current government.
Buy the “wrong” items and you may find yourself on a government “list”.


Without cash, consumers are no longer market participants that evaluate tangible value based on how much cash they have in their wallets. Instead they become mindless spenders without a sense of the value of the items they are purchasing OR a sense of understanding of their actual cost after incurring bank and credit card interest fees.
In a society that uses cash, acts like making change and giving tips provide market participants with a tangible sense of economic value.
Children that grow up saving money in piggy banks and counting their pennies, nickels and dimes learn the value of money through the tactil experience of handling money.
A cashless society turns money and value into digital abstractions as defined and controlled by the banks and central planners.
So the next time that you might be promoting the idea of a cashless society, think about the “Dark Side” of a cashless society.
Man is inherently evil when they rely solely on themselves. Put these men in charge of a cashless society and we will see the dawn of a new totalitarianism like one we have never seen before in history.
Physical money is freedom, but digital money is slavery.

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