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Sdrellkhbayr banking Samir Abbas marked Alnasiri new writing (the banking sector reform first step o


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Sdrellkhbayr banking Samir Abbas marked Alnasiri new writing (the banking sector reform first step o

Post by rocky on Sun 03 Jul 2016, 3:12 pm

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Economy News ...
Sdrellkhbayr banking Samir Abbas marked Alnasiri new writing (the banking sector reform first step of economic reforms in Iraq) has stated in the introduction to the book writer offer the tenor of the chapters, a reformist approach and a realistic Iraqi banking sector
Book display and scientific biography of the writer
Law No. 12 of 1991, which authorized the Central Bank of Iraq to allow private companies to contribute to the exercise of universal banking and license the establishment of private banks with capital returning the Iraqi private sector in order to give the role of the private banking sector in supporting the national economy during the economic embargo period on Iraq and has become an urgent need that plays sector banking your role decree to him within the centralized economic system, an experience that has had its reasons and justifications objective and subjective. the number of these banks has grown and evolved its activities from year to year in conjunction with the government banking sector until it reached its contribution ratio to economic development and GDP up to 8% in 2013 Although this figure is modest compared to the neighboring countries and standard rates issued by the World Bank for the contribution of the banking sector in development. But the political, security and economic circumstances experienced by Iraq since 2003, and reduce the present time led to obtain crises and failures in the banking business because of the challenges and limitations and obstacles that the Iraqi banking sector suffered during that period Moreover, the banks have not received government support required and not give them the flexibilities needed to work banking and politics militant Iraqi Central Bank in the instructions and the mechanics of policy applications of cash despite the fact that this policy may have contributed one way or another to achieve monetary stability and the reduction of inflation Gamhawwamahafezh to disburse a balanced Iraqi dinar price despite the volatility in the cash market and speculation, as well as the central bank was able to reserve building cash foreign well contributed to good contribution previously and currently being a cover as secretary of the local currency and the guarantee that the overall economic collapse and during the years 2014 and 2015, Iraq presented to the economic crises is critical because of falling global oil prices and carry the war on terror expenses led to that country live a liquidity crisis suffocating in order to adopt Iraq's annual oil resources as a key resource constitutes 93% of the total other resources and the lack of a sovereign fund (government reserves), similar to some of the producing and oil-exporting countries. Which led to obtain a central interest of the government in coordination with the private sector was preceded by popular demands for reform contributed to declare an ambitious economic reform package in order to overcome the current economic and financial crisis and in view of that without building a banking sector that sound can not build a sound national economy, we believe that in order to overcome the economic and our financial crisis must be the Iraqi banking sector reform because it is the first step of economic reforms for it was the contents of this book in your hands from the studies and insights and ideas and proposals and processors on the road to the banking reform proper, where deals with the first section consists of eight chapters talk about banking reform and in accordance with the conditions of objective and subjective current which passes by our country and the solutions and treatments executive and realistic, keeping in mind the current situation and the policies adopted and analyzed down to the reform required the second section consists of eight chapters talk about the reform of the banking sector, according to the economic approach to the government's program for the years 2014-2018 and currently in force, which is trying to government and the private sector activation and implementation within the specified schedule for him . We hope that we have contributed to the activation of the application of the economic reforms which are the port and the main gateway to all other reforms required and the first of these reforms is the reform of the Iraqi banking sector and I hope that will be written this is a reformist program of realistic and fit the application because its content is stems from the study and analysis of the reality experienced by Iraqi banks in the current economic conditions and proposals for reform of the banking and is the first step of economic reforms desired.
Biography scientific writer
 Mr. Samir Abbas Alnasiri researcher and economist who specializes affairs banking First: Personal data 
 work address :
Previously / Board of Directors banking adviser and executive director of the oldest worked for 10 years in the Iraqi private banks and more than 25 years in government institutions. Email: Sameer_ Mobile: 07901812833 to 07702968528 Second certificate - Bachelor of Statistics (NBS) / College of Administration and Economy (1973 - 1974) / Al-Mustansiriya University. - Professional Diploma in Economic Planning / Training and Development Institute / 1978 Iraq / Ministry of Planning. - Professional diploma in the economic development of developing countries / organization JICA - Japan / 1986 Third scientific and professional expertise • Strategic Economic Planning and banking administration. • management of commercial bank branches. • Banking operations and management studies. • Credit management and administration Almkhatralamsrvih. • Marketing and banking and public relations department. • Economic Information Department. • Preparation and management of economic and banking conferences and specialized seminars. • banking training of human resource management. Fourth, cultural and scientific activity books author, studies and research economic and banking issued and • contributed to the preparation and issuance of more than 50 study economic and banker and discuss the latest books entitled (economic repercussions in the Arab Movement countries and the Iraqi experiment in monetary policy applications) and (reform of the banking sector in Iraq, challenges and strategy reforms) and (banking sector reform first step of economic reforms in Iraq) is printed in Beirut - Union of Arab banks some of them published and preserved in the Library and archives in Baghdad / Iraq. • Features the monetary policy of the Central Bank of Iraq / group instructions and regulations issued after a year (2003-2008). • the global financial crisis / analysis of the causes and consequences. • outlined in the banking culture. • monetary policy and the reform of the banking sector in Iraq applications. • private banking sector (indeed, challenges and processors). • contribution of the private banking sector in economic development. • achievements of monetary policy and banking reform policies. • Contribute Papers in the economic and banking conferences inside and outside Iraq as a researcher and pursuer especially by annexing the International Union of Arab Bankers and the Union of Arab Banks and Iraqi universities and the Association of Iraqi private banks. • contributed to the preparation of training programs and lecturing staff in the Iraqi government and private banks in the banking training center for employees. • Chairman of the editorial board of the magazine (Echo Bay) Banking (2009-2011). • managing editor in the magazine (the economic file) (2010-2011). • deployment of more than 30 economic and banking articles in newspapers and websites Iraqi, Arab and specialized magazines. Fifth: Membership in the Iraqi, Arab and international economic and banking organizations • member of the World Union of Arab Bankers.• Member of the Iraqi Economists Association. • Member of the Iraqi-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry. • Member of the International Federation of businessmen in Iraq. • Member of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce. • Member of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate. • Member of the Baghdad Economic Forum. • Member of the Committee's advisers Journal of Iraqi banks / Association of Iraqi private banks.
Sixth, conferences, workshops and forums • Workshop in administrative leadership and governance / Baghdad 2012 • Strategic Planning human Banking / Jordan resources - Amman 2011 • total quality management and its impact on improving banking operations Beirut 2013 • Third Banking Conference 2015 BAGHDAD • SME forum - Baghdad 2013 • Forum Baghdad economic and banking - Baghdad 2013 • annual Arab banking Conference 2013 - Beirut • / 2014 Lebanese Iraqi banking conference - Beirut • Iraqi morphological Conference / 2015 - Beirut • economic media Forum / 2014 - Beirut • first banking Conference 2013 - Baghdad • second banking Conference 2014 - BAGHDAD • third 2015 banking Conference - Baghdad Seventh: the certificates discretion honors • holds a twelve certificates of appreciation from the international, Arab and Iraqi banking and financial institutions for his participation and his efforts in the Arab and Iraqi economic and banking conferences. • granting 54 Acknowledgement of the Union of Arab Banks and the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq and the current and former Vice former governor d. The appearance of Mohammed and concerned banking work
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