Oman / News Network Iraq demanded Jordan Iraq open executors Trebil and Safwan pillars infront of the transport Albrai.ozkr statement of the Iraqi Ministry of Transport Taliwm: The Transport Minister Kazem cup he met during his visit yesterday to the capital , Amman , his Jordanian counterpart Yahya Alexba "expressed Iraq is looking forward to further cooperation with Jordan , while calling for resolving all outstanding issues between the two sides . " thestatement added that the two sides" discussed linking the two countries , land and sea transport projects, which will lead to increase the volume of trade exchange between the two countries " ,stressing a cup of " the need to take advantage of the side of Jordan in multiple fields of transportin view of what constitutes Jordan of a link between Iraq and the countries of the Maghreb as well as the oil pipeline railway link from an increase in revenue . "in the Jordanian Minister of transport called to" open the perpetrators of Trebil and Safwan in front of road traffic and allow for trucks and goods to pass through unhindered to increase the trade exchange movement " is noteworthy The Minister of transport is currently being visit to Jordan to discuss several important issues forthe development of bilateral relations between the two countries.