BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq discussed the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi presided over a meeting of the Ministerial Committee on Energy, the general strategy for the water to secure the water resources of the country in the past Almqublh.ozkr Information Office of the Prime Minister in a statement today: "It was during the meeting approving the Ministry of Electricity Projects with company (GE US) on the draft of Samawah and Nasiriyah invading and rehabilitation units Mullah Abdullah invasive rehabilitation of Khor Al - Zubair terminal " The statement added , " It was also discussed during the meeting 's overall strategy for the water to secure the water resources of the country for the coming years and related to desalination . "He continued , " The energy Committee It continued to discuss the service contracts and collection of the energy sector in order to distribute electricity on an ongoing basis to provide 24 hours through the smart standards ". As was to discuss and review the guidelines and the previous decisions and other topics on the agenda.