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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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"May" security record under the spotlight with the British parliamentary elections approach


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"May" security record under the spotlight with the British parliamentary elections approach

Post by rocky on Wed 07 Jun 2017, 3:18 am

"May" security record under the spotlight with the British parliamentary elections approach

BAGHDAD (Reuters) -

Two days of the British parliamentary election overshadowed by the attack, the truck and killed seven people with knives in the heart of London before, the focus of the election campaign focused -oms Althelathae- on Prime Minister Theresa May the security file. Conservative Party faced, who led Maa- more questions about the supervision of May to reduce the numbers of police officers after police announced the names of two of the attackers and revealed that one of them was known to the security services.

It showed the latest opinion poll conducted by whichever Sorvishn Foundation for the benefit of (ITV) - Conservatives offer shrunk to one point from six points in a similar poll conducted a week ago.

In a third attack in Britain during the three months led Pat and two other truck through the center of a pedestrian on the London Bridge on Saturday evening before the central Arkadwa Borough Market area crowded and brawlers passers-by. All three were wearing explosive belts and fake, Qlhm police officers shot dead at the site within eight minutes of receiving the first contact to ask for help.

Supervised May -alta was responsible post of interior minister in the period from 2010 to 2016- to reduce the number of police officers in England and Wales, about 20 thousand, which is the leader of the main competitor Labor Party Jeremy Corbyn said that what should have happened, and asked her to resign. Mai responded that Corbin himself was weak in the fight against terrorism, he has been criticized for voting against legislation to combat terrorism and expressed reservations about the police response to the attacks in a manner «shoot to kill.»

Had to be ecstatically

Police said the second bomber named Rashid Radwan (30 years), which is also called Rashid Greens, said that Radwan of Moroccan and Libyan assets, and the two men were staying in the Barking area. One neighbors Pat -oho Aakina Chiajabu- told Reuters he spoke with Pat in the region known as the (Labs) just hours before the attack on Saturday, and said he was «almost to be ecstatically».

He added Chiajabu: «was socially too, and looked like an ordinary family, he usually comes to the entrance of the small son». He said Michael Membo -oho neighbor told Reuters else-Pat was encouraged Arsenal Football Club, and picked up a picture of one of the attackers dead wearing a team shirt.

He said that Pat Membo launched his beard, and he was often wearing Islamic dress in the past two years, but it has not shown signs of extremism. He added: «.. someone was quiet. One of my friends was calling (Labs) to work for his daughter Kgeles children ». Mai did not respond to repeated questions about troop cuts, but said that the fight against terrorism, the budget was protected by the police and they have the authorities they need.

And it narrowed the gap between the Conservatives led by Mai Party and the opposition Labor Party, after that the Conservative Party with a lead of 20 percentage points or more when May called for early elections last April, has now become a lead between one point and 12 points, but it is still expected widely that the conservative Party wins a majority .;

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