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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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money and business


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money and business Empty money and business

Post by rocky on Thu 03 Aug 2017, 2:31 am

money and business

Iraq's stock
index fell 0.14%, closing at 580.23 points, losing 0.81 points, compared to the closing levels of Tuesday's session.
On the decliners' front, 13 sectors declined, with the Industrial sector that gained 5 points. Electronic Industries was the most active share, plummeting 2.08%, followed by Mansour Pharmaceuticals and Metal Industries by 1.47% and 1.39% respectively.
And 3 shares fell in the banking sector, led by the United by 4.17%, followed by Mosul by 3.23%, and then the credit of Iraq by 1.49%.

Housing Fund postpones receipt of loan transactions
Housing Fund of the Ministry of Construction Housing announced on Wednesday to postpone the receipt of new applications for the provision of loans for one month, they returned the procedure Rotini to arrange the remaining funds according to priorities.
"The Housing Fund has decided to postpone the promotion of new housing loan transactions for about one month to complete the payment of the amounts owed to previous payments," said Bahaa Al-Din, the fund's managing director.
"The decision to postpone is routine and organizational for the purpose of developing a strategy for the few remaining amounts, and will determine the number of transactions received for the end of the year in the light of those amounts."
He pointed out that "the Housing Fund has completed the delivery of all amounts for the housing initiative supported by the Central Bank and what is disbursed now are the original amounts of the Fund for all eligible."

The Parliamentary Economics
Committee called for the need to have real control over the file of the reconstruction of liberated areas of the terrorist gangs, expecting that there will be an increase in the number of donor countries.
A member of the parliamentary economy committee, Najibah Najib, said in an interview that "there are amounts spent on the liberated areas of gangs calling for the terrorist reconstruction and the return of families to it," indicating that "some amounts will be allocated to build vital facilities in those areas."
Najib called for "the need to impose strict and strict control on the funds of reconstruction of the affected areas because they come as grants from friendly countries and must be spent in the right place because the waste will cause the revival of urban reconstruction," expecting that "there will be large international contributions to give Iraq funds for the reconstruction of the affected areas" .

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