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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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How to turn Iraq's economy into an economic giant?


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How to turn Iraq's economy into an economic giant? Empty How to turn Iraq's economy into an economic giant?

Post by rocky on Sat 05 Aug 2017, 2:38 am

How to turn Iraq's economy into an economic giant?

05/8/2017 12:00 am

I returned his tale strange
morning / agencies
after the inauguration of "Deng Hsiao Ying , " the spiritual father of the modern renaissance in China , the Chinese president asked the Central Committee of the ruling Communist Party, to approve the contract with the administrative development expert and economic world to promote the deteriorating economic reality of China 's popular but his request was rejected seven times , but has yet to Aoihbt did not give up , but he continued his application even managed the eighth time to convince them his idea and agreed Alganhaly request ..
should contact "Deng Hsiao Ying" personally Deanship of the Faculty of management and Economics and politics at the University of Oxford, the world 's first in this specialty, and informed them about the desire of China, Ba Contracted with a specialized professor of economic and administrative development, to work with the Chinese government as an adviser to the first ..
Oxford University initially rejected his request, but later accepted it after giving her a new offer to pay college tuition for the past year. His first offer was five times his current salary, with additional privileges such as free travel three times a year and a 60-day vacation Per year paid).
The university announced the job by announcing that it had placed it in the university's bulletin board. One of them was the strategic expert, the Iraqi Professor Elias Corcis, a professor at Oxford University. He accepted the offer and went to China. Deng Hsiao-ying ordered the Chinese government ministers to carry out what the expert asked them to do. To the market economy and open the door to foreign investment, especially in the field of industry. The expert has identified four main points of his project with the Chinese government:

First: to work for a national government with all its characteristics.
Second: To narrow the economic gap between East and West China by sharing available expertise.
Third: To reduce inflation in the currency.
years after the start of his work and setting a strategic plan for each ministry, his reforming experience of China's economy began to take shape. After five years of work, China was able to crystallize the concept of " The economy of the socialist market and modernization of the practical and theoretical settlement between maintaining the role of the state intervention in the economy on the one hand and the creation of spaces or areas of liberal economic globalization. On the other hand, the expert Korakis linking the Chinese economy to the global economy and that modern experience allowed China to integrate without To suffer from earthquakes that normally follow the transition from a closed economy to a globalizing one.
The Iraqi expert Elias Korkis began the reform in rural areas to launch the system of productive families, and then continued its reform work in the country, and the reform of the industrial sector, which China continued its economic openness and helped China to join the World Trade Organization.
This remarkable and dramatic transformation from this fragile economy to the world's first despite the fact that China was one of the major world powers that was formed with the Soviet Union and the Warshaw alliance is an objective equation in the world where the capitalist camp led by the United States and the West.
This is the strange thing, but our research will widen our astonishment, but it will be a mystery to us if we know that it was behind this economic boom and the growth of the State of China that it was an exciting Iraqi mind that could lay the foundation for a unique industrial renaissance.

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