No US arms to Iraq in the future, penalty may be imposed by Washington on Baghdadafter a report for the State Department US released this month, spoke about the acquisition of the popular crowd on one of the most important weapons of Washington 's high - technology sold to Iraq. 

According to the DailyPast website, Washington confirmed the acquisition of factions in the popular crowd on at least nine tanks, the Abrams M-1, in early 2000. 

These tanks are the most powerful vehicles ever in the world, at an estimated cost of four million three hundred thousand dollar

Washington reports based on the American site, to the footage showing Abrams tanks carrying flags for the crowd, and another appeared in one of these tanks during clashes with the Peshmerga forces during the security operations in Kirkuk in October. 

The report notes that Washington is striving to recover these tanks by pressing Baghdad, amid expectations of sanctions imposed by Washington on Iraq in response to the prohibition of armament, as well as the boycott of the manufacturer of official bodies in the country. 

Iraq has already bought 140 M-1 tanks from the United States at the beginning of 2000, with the aim of rebuilding the armed forces.