announced the Inspector General in the Ministry of Industry Adnan Karim Salman , Wednesday, for the issuance of a prison sentence for a period of 7 years against the former director general of the company to assign engineering, noting that the decisions also included the issuance of arrest warrants against the accused ordered and placed seizure of his movable and immovable property. 

In a statement received by Alsumaria News, Salman said that "the former director general of the General Company for Engineering Attribution was issued in absentia on the basis of the investigations carried out by the Office with the support of the Minister of Industry and Minerals in the fight against corruption and accountability of those responsible for waste of public funds."

"The defendant was convicted by the Criminal Court for Integrity Cases in Baghdad and the federal Rusafa sentenced in absentia to seven years imprisonment under the provisions of Article 340 of the Penal Code for deliberately damaging the interests of the company." 

He added that he was also convicted by the Rusafa Misdemeanors Court for Integrity, Money Laundering and Economic Crime, and sentenced in absentia to two years' imprisonment under the provisions of Article 341 of the Penal Code for violating his duties and neglecting public money. Return of the General Company for Engineering Support ". 

Salman pointed out that "

The recommendations of the Central Inclusion Committee, which was formed by the Ministry of Industry, were fined in 2017 by the General Manager of the General Company for Engineering Support and the General Company for Steel Industries (formerly Al Samoud Company) amounting to JD 21 billion and 645 million for the damage caused by the loss of scrap iron with a capacity of 77398 tons Tassa Hill in Tarmiyah.