, Vice President of Baghdad , a forum on behalf of Jamil Antoine, on Friday, the major international companies presence in Iraq and offer qualitative productions represents a first step on the road to the recovery of the national economy. 

Antoine noted "the depth of the relationship between the Iraqi and Japanese economists and today there is a trend to restore confidence between the two parties, especially with a company that is an important sign in the global market." 

The Company announced Toyota official distributor in Iraq products my company Toyota and Hino the Japanese, the unveiling of the new generation of car Toyota Corolla and Toyota RAV as soon as 2019.

The company said in a statement that "the Iraqi market represents an important direction for its products, and there is consensus in the visions between the company's product and the local market for decades, and so cooperation is beneficial and beneficial to both parties of the process, especially as the company maintains the forefront of sales globally." 

"Toyota Iraq continues to secure various types of Toyota vehicles, including the new RAV4 and Corolla, through the showrooms of authorized dealers in Iraq, ensuring that Toyota's sales are covered by a three-year warranty or 100,000,000 kilometer".