The MP of the Alliance of Suron Ghayeb al-Amiri, on Thursday, presented a project to the Prime Minister will provide more than six thousand jobs for graduates, considering that the project is clear and easy to apply and does not need more than seven days of amendments and administrative procedures. 

Al-Omairi said in an interview with Alsumaria News that "we have a project to provide employment opportunities for graduates, after extensive study and information and official and legal books, we were able to prepare for this project, which was submitted by us to the Council of Ministers to study and proceed," noting that " Through a clear and logical study of reality. "

He added that "the provision of these grades is through the private schools located in the whole of Iraq, which number to 1170 schools, the total number of lecturers in which nearly 11 thousand and 700 records, while the number of graduates currently not appointed is 2130, at the time that the ministerial instructions Indicate that 60% of the graduates are not recruited or unemployed should work in these schools, and if we go back and make a ratio between the figures imposed and the reality, we find that there is a big difference, therefore, this percentage must be returned to ensure the work of graduates.

He pointed out that "there are many reasons for this reality highlighted by the control of the permanent appointments in private schools and neglect in public schools and the agreement of investors with school principals to unload lessons for teachers appointed in their government schools and teaching the teacher in more than one school, taking advantage of its relationship with investors and financial differences between And the graduate, where the graduate is given less than the much needed.

He added that "the project presented by the formation of committees in the provinces linked to either the Prime Minister or the Minister of Education take the responsibility to follow up the employment rate for graduates in the private sector and the design of a database and the work of field visits to all private schools with the knowledge of the needs of private sector employees of teachers and administrators Service employees and the allocation of salary on the holidays of the non-employed and half the salary allocated at the time of work to ensure a decent living, and that the termination of the contract of the Directorate of Education and not the investor to ensure the right of the recipient and be the delivery of monthly salaries by the sections of education after Powder of salary blame the teacher and be a presentation on the needs of schools through competition between the people of the city or the judiciary in it. "

He concluded by saying that "the project is clear and easy to implement and does not require more than seven days of amendments and administrative procedures and we will then provide the provision of six thousand and 500 degrees and functional for graduates."