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Bond and cracked plane glass


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Bond and cracked plane glass Empty Bond and cracked plane glass

Post by rocky on Sat 20 Apr 2019, 4:17 pm

Bond and cracked plane glass

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I stood a little to think about the incident of the Iraqi aircraft of the Iraqi Airways, 
which was issued by the Iraqi Airways (on March 26) that the commander of the flight from Baghdad to Ukraine took a decision to land at Ankara International Airport because of the cracking of the plane's glass, Not only the fault of the plane's glass, but the company's reputation and its relationship to the reputation of government bonds when they are affected by financial shocks or political and economic instability.
Bonds are a debt instrument used by governments to fund their projects or to finance deficits in the public budget and within acceptable risks to which investors are attracted.
Rough-plane glass, government debt, financial viability and investor risk are both alarming at a risk-adjusted rate of return. I think when I hear the reason for the plane crash, I think when I plan to travel to a country I will look at the Kukle engine to show me what companies are This is exactly what the investor is looking for when buying a particular bond. He may accept a low rate of return for a certain bond in which the safety ratio increases, and in order to ensure that his investment is more secure than if he invests in another bond, Yield but does not guarantee refund of the amountFh as a result of the high risk premium, the Iraqi Valsndhat According to S & P in 2018 was (- B / B), Which means that this bond is unstable and can be affected when marketing or bear the risk premium, on the one hand, and on the other hand when the Iraqi government invests in US bonds and made Iraq fourth place ownership of US bonds and the value of more than (20) billion dollars , This is the meaning of lower returns and less risk. Indeed, it has lost a higher rate of return (opportunity costs) if it invests in high risk bonds. Similarly, the standards of global aviation safety put some airlines of some countries in the blacklist when they violate maintenance and safety, Cell (EASA ), Iraqi Airways was set up in 2015 due to safety standards.
Valend and airlines are both very sensitive, because the first interest in the interests and money given by the investor at a high interest rate because of the risks caused by political instability and economic in the country, the second is the most expensive man has a life, when a black signal on a certain airline, Demand will fall sharply on these companies and will move to safer and safer companies, which will cause these companies significant financial losses.
*Economic Researcher

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