criticized a member of the House of Representatives High Nassif, Saturday, " the absence of justice , " the government has in dealing with the Kurdistan region of employees ' salaries issue, arguing that the government has received funds from the Basra oil revenues for "parties and fiefdoms in the region , despite the continuation of the region 's oil smuggling without the presence of Impact of imports ". 

In a statement received by Alsumaria News, Nassif said in a statement that "when the government implemented the budget law not to hand over the salaries of regional employees because the government of the Territory to pay government dues from oil revenues we hear accusations of the government to starve the Kurds and the practice of collective punishment against them, Owns and gives money on its own in light of the continued smuggling of oil in the region and the absence of an impact for imports. "

She added: "We are not against granting salaries to the employees of the region, but we reject the injustice of any component, but the wealth of Iraq is the right of the people from the north to the south and not the right of feudalism and parties, nor may be disposed of by any outside the legal frameworks, Live fairly and do not be contributors to the theft of oil of the region to be compensated from the revenues of Basra oil, the fair justice of all Iraqis wherever they are. " 

It is noteworthy that the Minister of Oil Thamer Ghadhban, confirmed on Thursday (25 April 2019), that the Kurdistan Regional Government has not yet delivered what was approved in the budget of 2019