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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

Welcome to the Neno's Place!

Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


I can be reached by phone or text 8am-7pm cst 972-768-9772 or, once joining the board I can be reached by a (PM) Private Message.

Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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    BRICS and the Bank for International Settlements


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    BRICS and the Bank for International Settlements Empty BRICS and the Bank for International Settlements

    Post by Neno Mon 28 Jul 2014, 6:03 pm

    BRICS and the Bank for International Settlements

    July 14, 2014

    Convergence and the International Development System
    By JC Collins

    BRICS and the Bank for International Settlements Brics2014

    Let us finally put to the rest the conspiracy theory which stipulates that the BRICS countries are about to overthrow the international banking cabal or elite.  Whether intended or not, those promoting this scenario are propagating the usage of one of the weapons of the weak, namely gossip, utilized by the organized elite in the form of conspiracy theories.

    As was covered in the post What Are Conspiracy Theories, the method by which the small organized elite attempt to modify the social and economic practices of the larger disorganized masses is by usurping one of the so-called weapons of the disorganized masses and turn it against them for full socioeconomic manipulation and conditioning.

    This of course distracts and causes further disorganization amongst the masses, so that the real machinations behind the evolution and transition of global institutions remains well hidden.  Untold levels of energy and time are spent by the masses chasing after illusions and fallacies instead of understanding the true mechanics of global governance and how institutional systems collude and converge.

    Most of these conspiracy sites and personalities can be easily manipulated by the same psyop tactics which they attempt to expose or are in fact utilizing themselves.

    Just recently I purposefully tossed a fishing line at one such site, and with the usage of dramatic flare and purposeful emotional and intellectual targeting, they took the bait, and responded as expected.

    So exposed were the underlying fallacies of their structured storyline that they even attempted a rebuttal by insinuating that the reason for my “attack” upon them was based on one of the misleading information distracters which I placed into the article, which was a subtly perceived inadequacy of experience and education.

    Most readers found the tone of the article was out of place and character based on past interpretations of my writings.  There was a specific reason for that – enflame and misdirect.

    This particular site, of which there are many like it, clearly know nothing about the real mechanics of global governance and international development system transitions.   If they did, their response would have consisted of more than an attempt to politely demean my staged emotional character.  I’ve satisfied my curiosity that they are not a psyop but merely the propagators of a senseless conspiracy theory.

    I’ve continuously stated that the source of my information is from the global institutions themselves and the full structure of what is being engineered can be discovered by simply taking the time to find and read this information, much of which is in the form of online PDF files.

    One such file published by the Institute of Development Studies in March, 2014, is a perfect example of which I reference.  It is loaded with information and evidence which both supports what I have been saying and proves the misdirection from conspiracy sites and personalities.

    The IDS is a charity company registered in England and this specific report was funded by the UK government itself.  The report, a part of a “Rising Powers in International Development” series, is titled as Evidence Report#58 and is subtitled The BRICS and the International Development System: Challenge and Convergence.

    The report clearly states that the BRICS organization and associated summits, of which there is one this week, are the “broadening” of the global governance structure which was created and implemented after WW2.  The BRICS Summits are, in essence, a new global governance “process”, focusing on both economics and security, with the intent of transitioning a once US dominated world into the multilateral framework of a polycentric global governance system.

    From the report:

    “In the absence of a total breakdown or climactic event in the international system (arguably the financial crisis came close to such a point), the problem of redesign of global governance in the twenty-first century can hardly be negotiated in a Congress of Vienna or a Versailles Treaty, or a San Francisco Conference or new Bretton Woods Agreement. While the significance of current developments in the global governance system should not be underestimated, evolutionary change rather than revolutionary institutional redesign is, at this point, the order of the day. The BRICS Summit, and the G20 processes have thus been constructed in a new informal space in the global arena, where in terms of both time and budgets, transaction costs in origination and operation have been kept very low. And neither the BRICS Summit Process nor the G20 are looking to create whole new institutional frameworks.”

    The first obvious statement from that quote is that an “evolutionary change” is desired over “revolutionary institutional redesign”.  So the BRICS will not be overthrowing the existing order, nor do they want too.  As stated above, neither the BRICS or G20 are looking to “create whole new institutional frameworks”.

    Again from the report:

    “In terms of vision, the BRICS Summits are the only global process with an explicit objective to constitute a new global order in line with the massive change in economic weight that is coming in the next decade. The stated objective of the BRICS here is to ensure that this coming world order is inclusive and just, in line with historic South-South principles for a post-colonial world order, with the United Nations (UN) as the centre of systemic legitimacy.”

    There is no denying a multilateral approach to consolidating the global financial architecture when the BRICS themselves are stating that they want a “new world order”, post colonial of course, structured around the United Nations for “systemic legitimacy”.

    The massive changes in economic weight which is referenced is what we have been describing as the balancing of wealth around the world, between developed countries and developing countries.
    The south-south reference is to DAC, or Development Assistance Committee, created post WW2 for the purpose of modernizing the former colonies of the UK, France, Portugal, and the Dutch.  All 4 countries used a multilateral approach to establish financial support to modernize their former colonies.

    So let’s pull back and look at the bigger picture here.  After the creation of the Bretton Woods system, which made the US dollar the primary reserve currency of the world, there was started a cooperation of former reserve currency holders to finance the modernization of former colonies which were brutalized under their respective regimes.  All the while the new reserve currency regime went about the world colonizing other countries and regions, presumably for the purpose of modernizing them, as that appears to be what in fact happened.

    This whole process may be better understood by replacing the word “modernization” with the phrase “building central banks”.  As that seems to be the intent of the international bankers since the 17th century.

    More from the report:

    “In the case of China, a major component of foreign policy is the New Model of Major Power Relations between China and the United States, the NMMPR, explicitly directed at ensuring that its growing global interests do not replicate previous historical experiences where rising powers have been associated with war, notably in both European and Asian theatres. China believes that a basic accord has been reached with the United States on this concept as the essential framework for their relationship, with three key elements: ‘no conflict or confrontation’; ‘mutual respect’, and ‘win-win cooperation’ (Wang Yi 2013).”

    This quote doesn’t require much elaboration as it is fairly self-explanatory.  Readers should either have butterflies in their stomachs at this point or be sitting back in their chairs waving their arms around like maniacs.  This report was published in March, just 4 months ago, and was financed by the UK government as an accurate representation of the intent of the BRICS countries and the framework around the global transition to a multilateral and polycentric economic and security system.

    The report is well worth the read and is loaded with other statements, like the following:

    - BRICS members are fully committed to the G20 leadership process.

    - BRICS Summit process is “integrated within a larger process of systemic change in global governance which will produce the desired convergence” (consolidation and centralization)

    - BRICS endorse the G20 as the premier economic organization.
    - BRICS, G20, United Nations, World Bank, etc.., all align on global governance issues.

    - And the BRICS Contingency Reserve Agreement, or currency market stabilization fund, is only a “degree of independence” from the International Monetary Fund.

    The statements of evidence and support for the engineering of a multilateral financial system are littered throughout the report.

    The Bank for International Settlements controls and sets the priorities for the all the central banks in the world, of which every country now has one.  The BRICS are still working underneath the mandates of the BIS, and as this report shows, there will be no true or purposeful break away from the international banking powers which have controlled the world for centuries.

    From the beginning in the SDR’s and the New Bretton Woods series I have postulated that the Hegelian Dialectic of problem/reaction/solution would be used to facilitate the transition to the multilateral system.  I stated how the sovereign debt crisis would be used as the problem component and civil unrest and geopolitical tension would be used as the reaction component, with the slow methodical implementation of the new system being presented as the solution.

    This is exactly what has been happening, even to the point where the head of the BIS themselves are stating that a sovereign debt crisis could now threaten stability and lead to another financial crisis.  Need there be more said at this point.

    Nothing in this world will change until each one of us change that which is deficient inside of us.  The difference between the small rent seeking elite and large disorganized masses is only illusionary as both groups, and the various socioeconomic levels pressed in between, are motivated by the same selfish desires.

    The system will continue in a forever convergence and consolidation because that is what is happening inside man.  Money printing, or debt based money creation, the externalization of our inner division, will never change until man decides to change.  As such, the Bank for International Settlements and its methodologies will continue to dictate the course of humanity.    – JC

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