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Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

Welcome to the Neno's Place!

Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


I can be reached by phone or text 8am-7pm cst 972-768-9772 or, once joining the board I can be reached by a (PM) Private Message.

Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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    Al-Sudani: We are working to organize the 2023 Baghdad Conference for economic integration and regio

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    Al-Sudani: We are working to organize the 2023 Baghdad Conference for economic integration and regio Empty Al-Sudani: We are working to organize the 2023 Baghdad Conference for economic integration and regio

    Post by Rocky Fri 22 Sep 2023, 1:59 pm

    [size=35][size=35]Al-Sudani: We are working to organize the 2023 Baghdad Conference for economic integration and regional stability[/size][/size]
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    09-22-2023 | 13:42
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    Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani confirmed today, Friday, during his speech at the United Nations General Assembly meetings in New York, that the will for agreement prevailed in the new Iraq and the coalition government succeeded in restoring confidence in the political system.


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    Al-Sudani said in his speech during his participation in the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly: “I would like to convey to you today the greetings of Iraq and its people, which was among the fifty countries that founded this mighty organization seventy-eight years ago, and who still believes to this day in the general principles that established it.” He contributes to all its programs out of his belief that there is no way for us but brotherhood and human solidarity for the sake of the continued safe existence of the entire world.”

    He added, "The will for agreement and understanding prevailed in the new Iraq, and we succeeded in overcoming difficult days to create our current government, which has a broad political coalition behind it that includes all Iraqi sects and components."

    He continued, "The government has adopted a comprehensive and ambitious reform program to correct the course, restore confidence in the political system, and provide a decent living for the citizen," noting that "we have developed a program that carries critical priorities, representing files that cannot be neglected in their implementation and that lie at the core of the needs of our people."

    He pointed out that "these priorities focused on providing job opportunities, achieving a broad renaissance in services, fighting poverty, raising the standard of living, combating corruption, and rooting comprehensive reforms in the economic and administrative aspects and in the financial and banking sector to overcome the weak legacy of previous administrative systems."

    He explained, "We have come an important step on this path within a record period of time, and the investment environment in Iraq has developed to open up to the global economy and fruitful partnerships," pointing out that "many agreements have been signed in different sectors and Iraq has become a safe environment that attracts investors to promising opportunities." big".

    He added, "Iraq is still an important oil country and a pivotal country in the global energy market, and it has high-importance opportunities, projects, and businesses in this field," adding, "We launched the Development Road Project, the pioneering and newest project in the region, which is the vital land channel linking basic economic parts in our region." developing, and the most appropriate and best path for trade and economic exchange in the region.”

    He stated, "Many international institutions have reported on the spread of corruption in Iraq, and we diagnosed this scourge and called it the 'corruption pandemic,' and we made fighting it our first priority, and we began pursuing wanted persons wherever they are, regardless of their positions and affiliations, and handing them over to the judiciary."

    Al-Sudani called on friendly and partner countries to “extend us with a helping hand in combating corruption at all its stages and facilitating the process of following it up and those responsible for it. We must all join hands and cooperate in fighting corruption and recovering the money stolen from them because we believe in the interconnectedness between corruption and terrorism, as one supports the other, and this is what we are all fighting.” ".

    He continued, "We were keen to build an independent and balanced foreign policy aimed at cooperation and based on bringing together viewpoints and commonalities, and we were keen for Iraq to be a source of stability in its regional and international surroundings and part of the solution to any regional or international problem and to raise the potential for mutual understanding and cooperation," stressing, "We are investigating Ways towards constructive partnerships based on the principles of mutual respect, motivating the participating parties, and helping in formulating policies that achieve sustainable development for our peace-loving peoples.”

    He stressed, “The government of the Republic of Iraq is committed to the principles of international law, respect for all UN resolutions, and its determination to establish the best relations with everyone, especially neighboring countries. We reject interference in our country’s internal affairs under any pretext, and at a time when our constitution requires that Iraq not be a launching pad for aggression against other countries.” We call on everyone to respect Iraq's sovereignty and territorial integrity."

    He pointed out that "we reserve our right to take appropriate measures in accordance with what has been approved by international laws and conventions to deter any violation against our country," reiterating our emphasis on "extending our hand to all neighboring countries in order to preserve the security and stability of our region and its economic progress and prosperity, in a way that achieves the well-being of its people."

    He added, "We aim to achieve regional integration, remove anything that obstructs free trade in the region, facilitate the movement of people, goods, and capital across political borders, and link infrastructure together, which are factors that reduce the possibility of the outbreak of armed conflict in the future, and limit the aggravation of conflicts to a large extent."

    He stressed, "We will not adopt the policy of axes as a path in our relations, but rather we deal with everyone according to our national interest, and we will continue to strengthen Iraq's natural position in the arena of international cooperation, and do everything that enhances stability."

    He stated, "Our government has placed the file of displaced persons among its priorities and has taken many national measures to find sustainable solutions and ensure their voluntary and safe return to their areas of original residence. We have been keen to resolve the file of the missing and those who were disappeared at the hands of ISIS criminals and to provide material and psychological support to their families and reintegrate them."

    He continued, "In Iraq, we are moving towards approving the (Civilian Protection Policy) for the purpose of emphasizing the preservation of human rights and respect for international humanitarian law through training security forces and monitoring performance with regard to protecting civilians from mistakes that occur during armed conflicts, and we are moving forward with protecting civilians during natural disasters so that Iraq becomes It is the first country in the Middle East to adopt such a policy and create an environment for cooperation between the security forces and citizens, and move steadily towards holding local elections for the governorates at the end of this year after stopping them for ten years. They are a pillar of decentralization in Iraq and an essential part of the solidity of the system and state institutions.”

    He added, "The federal government, through its comprehensive and multiple programs, manages the best relations with the Kurdistan region and all governorates of Iraq equally, and the government is in continuous dialogue with representatives of the region and local governments throughout the governorates of Iraq to transform opportunities into projects that enhance the development of resources and the Iraqi economy."

    Regarding the water file, Al-Sudani stressed that “our region and our country in particular, Mesopotamia, is exposed to the brunt of the effects of drought resulting from climate change and the urgent need to preserve rights to water resources and international river basins, and the natural water bodies in the marshes are among the lungs that breathe.” It has the globe, in addition to the fact that its drought is an environmental and historical loss for every living being on this planet, and on the land of Iraq, the first international agreement related to water was drawn up two thousand five hundred and fifty years ago, so the cradle of civilization and light should not be left to die of thirst.”

    He stressed that "the environmental catastrophe will be more severe for Iraq and the countries of the region, with an unprecedented rise in temperatures, which will turn normal forms of life into extremely difficult, approaching impossible. Iraq is working and calling for more efforts among the concerned regional countries to work together and find an effective mechanism for coordination and forming a bloc." Negotiate within the climate agreement.

    He pointed out that "Iraq calls for an integrated mechanism to manage cross-border waters and confront the effects of drought, dust storms, and heat waves, and the importance of mobilizing international efforts and international encouragement to ensure the sustainability of water resources."

    Al-Sudani called for "the establishment of a regional grouping that includes the countries of the Gulf shores, including Iraq, Iran, and the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council, which are the countries that will be more exposed than others to rising temperatures. This grouping is responsible for coordinating regional efforts to manage water, confront climate change, and enhance environmental protection and joint action in confronting climate change." Drought".

    He continued, "Our government has taken the necessary steps to reduce emissions and stop burning associated gas and polluting the environment," noting, "Our government has initiated several projects in the field of waste recycling and encouraging the trend toward clean energy, and our government has approved a national strategy to confront pollution and limit its repercussions for the years 2023-2030." .

    He stressed, "Iraq believes that facing challenges requires building institutions capable of dealing with economic challenges and, more importantly, climate challenges. According to population statistics, Iraq is classified as a young country, as young men and women constitute sixty percent of the population in the country."

    She pointed out that "the Iraqi government was keen to give them importance in its governmental program and to advance the youth situation in order to invest optimally in them, and it developed many programmes, strategies, projects and initiatives to support this group in various fields, and launched the (Riyada) initiative for development and employment concerned with supporting and empowering groups of students and youth." And developing their creative energies in order to obtain decent opportunities in the labor market. The Supreme Youth Council was formed, and thanks to the Iraqi government’s sponsorship of the youth and sports sector and the construction of sports facilities and centers, the Iraqi sports and student teams were able to win many titles in various competitions and championships.”

    The Prime Minister affirmed that “our government’s efforts and its continuing programs to empower women and grant them their effective right to contribute to all foundations of the development process have been an essential partner in all our victories over terrorism and continue to be a partner in overcoming all difficulties and confronting challenges. We renew to the world our clear and firm position on the right.” Palestinians in establishing an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

    He also affirmed Iraq's support for the unity of Syria's land and people, and we call for alleviating the suffering of the Syrian people and enabling them to extend their authority over the entire Syrian territory. In light of the continued threat posed by the ability of terrorist organizations to recruit elements that threaten our security and target our countries, it is important to distinguish between incitement to violence and spreading... Hatred and attacks on the beliefs of others on the one hand, and freedom of expression on the other hand,” noting that “burning the Holy Qur’an is a hate crime that aims to attack a quarter of the world’s population and others who look with respect and appreciation for the sacred, which cannot be marketed as freedom of expression.”

    He explained, "In Iraq, we have tasted the bitterness of religious extremism and know its consequences. These actions are among the core motives for creating extremism and encouraging it. The terrorist ISIS is still the best example before us. The time has come for Iraq to take its natural place in the international community after its remarkable success in fighting terrorism on behalf of the world and defeating it with the help of Friends and partners, the prominent role of the rational authority represented by Grand Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani and his blessed fatwa and the valor of all Iraqi security and military forces was in these victories, as well as in laying the foundations of societal peace.”

    Al-Sudani concluded his speech by saying, “In this spirit, Iraq has become safe and stable, and we will continue the process and work through productive diplomacy to make Iraq a center for the convergence of brothers, friends, and partners to build a safe and prosperous region to serve all our peoples. Iraq is now distinguished by the strength of its resources, its geographical location, and the will of its people, who faced challenges and defeated them.” Well deserved.”

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