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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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This Two-Legged Kitten Recovered From Starvation And Now Has His Own Tiny Wheelchair


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This Two-Legged Kitten Recovered From Starvation And Now Has His Own Tiny Wheelchair

Post by Lobo on Fri 02 Oct 2015, 8:00 pm

This Two-Legged Kitten Recovered From Starvation And Now Has His Own Tiny Wheelchair
Vets didn’t expect Cassidy to make it after he spent nine weeks alone in the woods, but the loveable black-and-white kitten came back stronger than ever.

This adorable kitten, who goes by the name of Cassidy, was abandoned in the forests of British Columbia.

Cassidy spent nine weeks fighting for his life, trying to find food and water. He moved around by dragging his little body along using just his front legs. His back legs appeared to be missing. A local property owner found him and alerted Shelly Roche, who works at the Tiny Kittens rescue centre.

Roche used an improvised box trap to catch the feral kitten and bring him to the local veterinarian’s emergency room.

“You could feel all his little bones,” Roche told Langley Advance. At just 8 weeks old Cassidy was covered in fleas and, unable to find enough food on his own, had been slowly starving to death.
Vets at Dr. Mountain View Veterinary Hospital were shocked the kitten had survived his ordeal. He had a septic E. coli infection on top of being severely emaciated, and it seemed like euthanasia was inevitable. “He had gone about as far as he could go on his own,” Roche said.

Vets worked hard to restore the kitten’s health and named him after Hopalong Cassidy, the famous fictional cowboy.
Cassidy spent one night at the ER vet then went to a regular vet the next day, and Roche took him home that night.

Roche told BuzzFeed News:

“He needed meds, fluids and syringe feeding every few hours around the clock for the first week. I had to learn how to manually express his bladder because he couldn’t go to the bathroom by himself for the first few days. He pees like a champ now, though!”

“Twenty-two days later, he’s a happy, playful kitten who doesn’t even know there’s anything different about him!”

To help track the survivor’s incredible progress, Roche set up a live feed on her Tiny Kittens website.
The livestream soon gained a massive following. When Roche posted a request for anyone who could help with pet prosthetics she had a flood of responses. People donated funds towards Cassidy’s medical expenses, sent supplies, made stump covers, and sent in words of encouragement.

Handicapped Pets Canada offered to make Cassidy a tiny wheelchair.

The custom-built wheelchair allows him to run around using just his front legs. The chair will be extendable as Cassidy’s body grows larger.

Cassidy was offered two other wheelchairs. One was donated by a fan and another was a 3D-printed wheelchair developed by two Walnut Grove Secondary students.

Twitter: @Petaccessguy

Twitter: @tinykittensHQ


Here’s Cassidy enjoying his new wheels:

“We’re hoping eventually to get him implants or prosthetics and maybe he won’t need a wheelchair at all!” Roche said. “Right now it’s awesome that he can zoom around and have some independence in the wheelchairs.”

Roche is excited about Cassidy’s future and can’t wait to find him the happy home he deserves.

“He’s going to get the best home ever,” Roche said. “He had such a dreadful start in life, and I promised him that first day he would only know love, happiness, and a full belly from then on.”

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