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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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16 Animals In Canada That Are Sick And Tired Of Being Ignored


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16 Animals In Canada That Are Sick And Tired Of Being Ignored

Post by Lobo on Mon 20 Jul 2015, 9:27 pm

1. “I look like an delightful combination of panda and weiner dog.” – Black-Footed Ferret

USFWS Mountain-Prairie / Via Flickr: usfwsmtnprairie

USFWS Mountain-Prairie


2. “All I hear about is geese, geese, geese and I’m on your goddam currency so yeah, I’m kinda a big deal.” – Loon

USFWSmidwest / Via Flickr: usfwsmidwest

USFWS - Pacific Region / Via Flickr: usfwspacific


3. “I’m basically the Canadian lion and I look majestic AF. Plus I have adorable giant paws for my size.” – Canada Lynx

Keith Williams / Via Flickr: keithmwilliams

Eric Kilby / Via Flickr: ekilby


4. “I invented ~Blue Steel~ and I may look grumpy (even when I’m a baby owl) but that just makes me more fierce.” – Great Horned Owl

SonnyVisions Photography / Via Flickr: sonnyvisions

Ken Bosma / Via Flickr: kretyen


5. “Sure… beavers are cute but do they look like fluffy marshmallows? Didn’t think so.” – Snowshoe Hare




6. “Did somebody say marshmallows?” – Beluga Whale

Mike Johnston / Via Flickr: mikejsolutions



7. “I’m basically a furry cow, which is inherently adorable.” – Musk-ox

Neil McIntosh / Via Flickr: harlequeen

Tambako The Jaguar / Via Flickr: tambako


8. “I legitimately look like something straight out of a children’s book.” – Red Fox




9. “A badass superhero was named after me. Need I say more?” – Wolverine

Mats Lindh / Via Flickr: fiskfisk

Barney Moss / Via Flickr: barneymoss


10. “Please stop comparing me to Tucan Sam. C’mon, I’m better than that.” – Atlantic Puffin

Didier Baertschiger / Via Flickr: didierbaertschiger

Fyn Kynd / Via Atlantic Puffin


11. “No. I am not a glorified squirrel.” – Prairie Dog

Sneil375 / Getty Images

Dhinakaran Gajavarathan / Via Flickr: dhinakaran


12. “I mean, have you seen my cute little polka dot shell?” – Spotted Turtle




13. “Let’s be friends!” – Harp Seal




14. “Polar bears are overrated.” – Kermode Bear (AKA Spirit Bear)


Maximilian Helm / Via Flickr: 130995712@N05


15. “I am literally the largest animal in the world. How could you forget about me?” – Blue Whale


David Slater / Via Flickr: davrozs


16. “Call me a moose. I dare you.” – Caribou

Sandy Brown Jensen / Via Flickr: sandybrownjensen

Bureau of Land Management / Via Flickr: mypubliclands

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