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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The One Thing President Trump Must Do to Make America Great Again


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The One Thing President Trump Must Do to Make America Great Again

Post by Lobo on Sat 11 Jun 2016, 5:32 pm

The One Thing President Trump Must Do to Make America Great Again

Divine Providence has been realized, it is January of 2017 and Trump is being inaugurated.

Assuming that Trump escapes the bullet of an assassin, there is not a successful false flag attack that brings down the country and results in martial law, or the Electoral College is not bought off by George Soros and David Rockefeller, what will a Trump Presidency look like? It will not be a pretty picture.

The State of the Union 2017

After waging a successful campaign, Trump is inaugurated in seven months. By this time, near police state tactics will have to be employed to restore order. Beginning with the Conventions, civil unrest will grow to unprecedented levels. The agitators are funded by Soros and their only mission is to promote mayhem, so no President taking office could implement any of his agenda. At the inauguration, the military will be on full alert in order to thwart the party crashers of George Soros. After seven months of unrelenting violence, the country will be in utter chaos. I predict that it will not even be safe to vote in many areas of the country this November.

Since the summer of 2016, the country has been divided and conquered. It is gay vs. straight with a little transgenderism mixed in. It is poor vs. rich and with your local banker being the symbol of illicit wealth redistribution and the world will not be safe for bankers. Soros’ crew will engage in car bombings at malls, schools and athletic events and then try to blame the violence on Trump in an attempt to paralyze the credibility of his Presidency to the point where there are no meaningful reforms.

Why All the Violence?

Let’s just take Trumps top three reforms, namely; (1) Cutting of the profit motive from the free trade agreements, which have cost America tens of millions of jobs while reaping trillions of dollars of profits by the corporations, by heavily taxing the imports; (2) Slowing down illegal immigration whose cheap labor greatly benefits the top corporations; and, (3) Instituting a more equitable tax plan which forces the super elite to pay their fair share of their tax, thus relieving some of the burden for the middle class.

The corporations have spent enormous resources over the past 30 years to redistribute the wealth from the middle class to the wealthy. They have bribed nearly every member of Congress with campaign contributions to vote for legislation that destroys the American economy. The corporations have also promoted illegal immigration and have used the media to make the massive flight of immigrants into our country as being a (false) humanitarian issue. And finally, Congress has no interest in tax reform where the rich pay more. Because of the corporate gratuities paid to Congress, nobody leaves without being a multi-millionaire after a couple of terms in office. Case in point, when Dianne Feinstein was first elected to the Senate, she and her husband were worth about a million dollars. Today, Feinstein is worth an estimated $240 million dollars.
Trump Addresses a Joint Session of Congress

The first time Trump addressed a joint session of Congress, most of the Democrats will be a no show. Many Republicans will not be in attendance as well. Paid by the corporations to stall, disrupt and defeat any Trump reforms that could take money out of the corporation’s collective pockets, Congress will experience gridlock like this nation has ever seen.

Trump’s first two years in office would be absolute political chaos. Trump would have trouble getting anything through Congress. We will get back to Congress and campaign donations later in the article.
Will Trump Become the First American President to Use FEMA Camps?

If the insurrection promoted by Soros and other globalist serving organizations, Trump may be forced to become the first President to use FEMA camps. Imagine on snowy day in February of 2017, three car bombs go off a block from Congress or across the street to the Supreme Court. Mass arrests will follow. Where will the domestic terrorist be held? The FEMA camps have been built and someone is going to occupy them. The only remaining question will be who will use FEMA camps, the good guys or the bad guys. I cannot stress enough to the readers that America will be a battleground by the Trump is elected. The corporations are going to fight back and disrupting Trump’s Presidency, by any means possible, will be their goal.
Trump’s Cabinet

Getting Congressional approval for the Trump cabinet appointments will be problematic. And even if Trump could get his nominees approved, that does not mean that it will not be business as usual. Do you remember that 9th seat on the Supreme Court? It could be vacant indefinitely.

Let’s take Attorney General Loretta Lynch and her office as an example of the governmental chaos that will be present after Trump is elected. Not only is Lynch anti-Constitution and un-American, so are her appointees and their appointees. Much of the Department of Justice (DoJ) are corrupt and share Lynch’s views. Obama, will have had eight years to pervert the DoJ. Right down to the secretarial level, there will be people who will not implement executive directives from Donald Trump. So, the BLM will go unprosecuted for land and resources theft, not to mention murder (e.g. LaVoy).

This scenario will hold true for every single department under Trump, and we have not even talked about the military where Obama spent eight years trying to destroy military leadership in this country. The people that think that electing Donald Trump will be a panacea, are sadly mistaken. The country has stage four cancer and Trump will look like “Red scare” Senator Joseph McCarthy as he attempts to purge the mid-level management and their minions from his administration. And don’t think that this gridlock of opposition does not extend to the NSA, CIA, DIA, EPA, FDA, etc. Their leaders will be replaced, but endemic corruption through these organizations will remain.
Then Why Bother Voting?

After two years of violence and political roadblocks, the Trump Presidency has a real chance to make reforms in the second two years of his first term. With the support of the American electorate, Trump has the potential to undo over a century of political corruption in two short years.
What Trump Must do to Gain Control of His Presidency?

Corporations are not people, they are not afforded civil rights, the right to be represented in Congress. Their corporate officials are, but the corporations are not citizens. And let’s call corporate donations for political campaigns what they are, bribery!

If Congress is ever going to be forced to represent the people, Trump must move to eliminate all corporate donations going to politicians in any way, shape or form. Congress will never vote themselves out of receiving bribe money, they are going to have to be made to do so. This is where Trump must create his own bully pulpit. He must, on a daily basis, point out the evils of corporate bribery of our politicians. This is where the public must do their job. They need to make it clear that they are voting out EVERY incumbent, with no exceptions. The justification for cleaning house must begin and end with any politicians who accepts corporate bribe money.

Trump will not get one of his initiatives passed until he eliminates corporate bribery of Congress.

If Trump could get to work with a more Constitutionally friendly Congress, seated two years into his administration, he might have a chance to implement some of his reforms. However, it is likely that the corporations at this point, from a violence perspective, will do what they have to do disrupt any process. This is the stuff that civil war is made of. Regardless, it should be the single-minded goal of every American to eliminate corporate bribes from our political process.

Will the road ahead be difficult, yes! It will be difficult beyond belief. However, acquiescence brings a Clinton Presidency, World War III, unbridled despotism (i.e FEMA Fun Camps), and the complete and utter destruction of America.

Your children picked a helluva time to be born. Please get to work and spread the word, no incumbents in 2016.

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