News / Baghdad
announced that the Commission services and reconstruction in Parliament Wednesday, the existence of judicial orders against mobile phone companies, as called for implementing Aladliyn by the Ministry of Justice to collect thedebt funds and the implementation of those orders. 

A member of Huda Sajjad Committee in an interview with Alsumaria's News, said that "there judicial orders issued against mobile phone companies because of its debts , "indicating that" those orders were issued after the lawsuit by the media and communications. "

And called on the carpet "Aladliyn implementing the Ministry of Justice to implement those orders and expedite collects money from companies." 

The Member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary deputy olive Dulaimi revealed, in (15 December 2015), the mobile phone Bzmtha companies more than a billion and $ 400 million in debt for thegovernment, as pointed out that the additional charges imposed on the mobilization of the phone balance went to "pockets" companies.