Alsumaria News / Baghdad 
issued Rafidain Bank, Saturday, for clarification on the plan behind the launch of advances to employees, noting that the plan was to feed the salaries a month through the smart card. 

The bank said in a statement Sumerian received News , a copy of which was "to provide liquidity for employees tohelp them meet the diverse needs of the bank sought to launch advances to affiliates in accordance with the strategic plan aims to pay covered by previous advances, in addition to the resettlement of salaries in private savings accounts. "

He said the bank " The plan also requires the activation of the payment of salaries and electronic collection, as well as preventing the exposure of Jean - payment of salaries to the assault and robbery." 

He noted the bank that "the relevant department undertakes to feed salaries lasts a month on the same context, through the departments covered by advances provide the nearest branch of our bank to disclose all salaries ofemployees of your constituencies and all the details , which was adopted by the electronic form and sent fields copy of the data on a disk (CD) and a book by the President of the ongoing directed to the branch supports the safety ofdetection and pledge to consistently provide full members of their circle salaries in that branch . " . 

He said the bank that " the obligation to do so and upon completion of opening accounts is called the staff under thetransferred names of the branches according to the electronic application form for obtaining their signatures on contracts and then the smart card issuance." 

approved the Ministry of Finance last September 18 for the launch of personal advances to employees, amounting to10 million dinars for the purposes different according to the controls and instructions. 

and put Rafidain Bank conditions for the advance of 10 million dinars , among the conditions that do not exceed theage of the employee for 50 years, and to have a smart card and enabled to receive the salary, in addition to that they have no self or loans previously.