BAGHDAD / network news Iraq has accused a member of the parliamentary finance committee Magda Tamimi, Sunday, the Ministry of Planning , regardless of millions of budget 2015, to carryout projects in the areas controlled by the terrorist Daesh gangs in the provinces of Anbar and Ninoy.oukalt - Tamimi, in a press conference held by the building of the House of Representatives today "by the same scrutiny from the investment budget for 2015 projects it shows that a number of projects located in hot spots included during 2015 were to act upon , " indicating "build 18 schools turnkey construction manner in Nineveh and cashing in on this project at 2014.2 million dinars Iraqis, and in 2015 the figure rose to 141 million have been disbursed and Daesh existed . "She added , " as the budget included a "build 16 schools in Anbar, was spent by two million, and the figure rose to 102 million, and also build different dilapidated schools in Nineveh was spent duringthe 2014 six million, and it became 12 million ".oohart Tamimi to" set up shrines in Anbar allotted financial amount was 6 billion in 2014 and became 7 billion in 2015, as well as building a mosque with its accessories to serve the pilgrims in Nukhayib Anbar, increased allocations from 21 billion to23 billion ".utabat Tamimi, also included" rehabilitation K3 station, the allocated financial figure 84 billion and became 85 billion, "asking , " what is the justification for the Ministry of planning , which included projects ?, is it permissible in Nineveh or Anbar have projects investment and spend them in the same year with a Daesh. "