Baghdad / Iraq News Network called on the parliamentary finance committee, Sunday, the judiciary to speed up the resolution of corruption and waste of public money , files, pointing to the existence of "serious" files relating to auction currency and real estate State. He said committee member MP Magda Tamimi in a press statement today: The "on the judiciary to speed up the resolution of all files related to corruption and waste of public money , " indicating that "there are a large number of files referred to the Integrity Commission and the judiciary has not been resolved until now." Tamimi added that the "large and dangerous files transmitted, relating to other people 's money and currency auction and real estate the state." Financial and administrative corruption in Iraq and the spread dramatically, where classified Transparency International Iraq , one of the most corrupt countries in the world after Somalia and Sudan, but the Iraqi government is often critical of the organization reports on corruption and considers inaccurate and based on information reached by by local and foreign companies have failed to implementation of service projects in Iraq.