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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Letter to the President of the State of Israel


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Letter to the President of the State of Israel

Post by rocky on Mon 10 Apr 2017, 4:38 am

Letter to the President of the State of Israel

Posted on April 10, 2017 by Editorial Staff in Contributors
Dr Kamal Said Qadir
Dr. Kamal Said Qadir an Austrian citizen, international legal expert, writer and human rights activist, has run for the office of the Kurdistan presidency 2013. Photo: Dr. Qadir/vk.vom

Dr. Kamal Said Qadir | Exclusive to

The views expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

Dear Mr President

I am an Austrian citizen from Iraqi- Kurdish origin, legal scientist, writer and anti-corruption-activist with great respect for the Jewish people and their suffering during the history.

I am unfortunately writing to you to protest against the ugly crimes of Israeli Mossad against me and hope you would initiate a thorough investigation into the case and apologize to me directly.

The story began in Austria some years ago as an Egyptian lady asked me for help after she told me, that she was recruited by Mossad through an employee of the Israeli embassy in Vienna by the way of rape and torture. She was allegedly raped and photographed several times by the Mossad agent called himself Mr. Paul Artener. I advised her to go to the Egyptian embassy, but she told me, that she was feeling a shame because of the sexual assault against her. The lady is from a very known and influential Egyptian family with high military ties. I therefore decided to contact the Egyptian embassy myself to help her. The then Egyptian ambassador in Austria Dr. Mustafa Alfaqi responded to my call and the lady was rescued.

Mossad was a ware of my role and therefore began to retaliate against me, but it was difficult for them to punish me severely in Austria, since Austria is a country of the rule of law. But as I traveled to Iraqi Kurdistan to visit my family in October 26, 2005 a group of Mossad agents belonging to Mr Massoud Barzani, the president of the Kurdistan Democratic party, abducted me in the night and detained me in a facility belonging to the Barzani secret service Erbil.

Mr. Barzani himself was trained by Mossad many years ago and is presumably still working for Mossad. I was sentenced to 30 years prison in a secret trial under the pretext of having insulted Barzani in my writings but the real reason was the case of the Egyptian lady. I stayed six months in solitary confinement before I was released under heavy international pressure, among them many Jewish writers and human rights activists. During my stay in the jail a group of Mossad agents from Israel visited the facility two times to show me, that I have been punished by them. I shared this information, I am sharing with you now with many other states and published it online to protest against this ugly Mossad-Barzani crime.

I may also mention that I am a peaceful person, but surely not coward to accept any injustice and therefore kindly ask you for an apology and the matter would be settled forever.


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