MP from the parliamentary bloc of conquest Haneen Qaddo, Wednesday, the presence of 45 legislative legislation within the corridors of Parliament ready to be completed during the second legislative term of the work of the House of Representatives. 

Al-Qudu said in an interview for Alsumaria News , "The House of Representatives and the result of political differences and intersections during the first legislative term because of the file of the formation of the government could not legislate only one law, the federal budget," stressing that "the parliament and political forces determined during the second legislative term to compensate for the Fat In the previous period and proceed with legislation of the most important laws. "

He added that "the laws of the Federal Court and financial management in addition to the laws on combating corruption and support the government in the implementation of its governmental platform will be present and strongly during this chapter," pointing out that "there are 45 legislative legislation between the proposal and the draft is discussed within the parliament and we seek to complete legislation during this chapter". 

Al-Qaddo pointed out that "the second legislative term will be full of achievements and provision of services and focus on overcoming political differences so as not to be affected by the work of Parliament because of them." 

The House of Representatives began its first session of the second legislative term, Saturday (March 9, 2019), discussing the file on the elimination of corruption and the establishment of appropriate mechanisms to resolve this file.