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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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North Bank: we won in some 69 billion dinars in 2012 our trusts amounted to 1.6 trillion

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North Bank: we won in some 69 billion dinars in 2012 our trusts amounted to 1.6 trillion

Post by Hkp1 on Sat Apr 06, 2013 4:41 pm

North Bank: we won in some 69 billion dinars in 2012 our trusts amounted to 1.6 trillion

Author: MJM
Editor: AJ, NK
13/04/06 19: 23


announced the North Bank for finance and investment, on Saturday, it
made a profit last year of around 69 billion Iraqi dinars, the profits
of "top level" Iraqi banks, while the need for moral support from the
Government ".

This came during a meeting of the General
Commission for North Bank for finance and investment on Saturday at the
headquarters of the North Bank in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad,
reviewing done for previous stage activity and profits for the year 2012
and his presence.

The Bank's media adviser said North told uyeh
(range) that "this meeting is held each year to discuss the Bank's
annual report and at the same time is an opportunity to review the
future plan for personnel working in the Bank", indicating that "reading
the annual report for the year 2012, the North Bank achieved an
operating profit in 68.813 billion Iraqi dinars, the highest in recent
years between the Commons private Iraq banks increased to 35 banks."

said "as for deposits of the financial position of the year 2012
amounted to (604) trillion Iraqi dinar as the Bank also took a
well-deserved first place if compared with what is installed in the
financial data for private Iraqi banks."

Mehdi said that "the
Bank is in the process of developing a new programme for the next stage
involves increasing the number of branches in Iraq and expanding a
culture of technical for general banking", stating "we have cooperated
with other Iraqi banks via the Association of banks and at the same time
we have close relations with the rest of the banks as well as Arab and
international cooperation by our reporters."

According to Media
Advisor for the North Bank uyeh "we have 17 branches in Iraq, three in
northern Iraq and five branches in Baghdad and the rest distributed
between southern and northern governorates."

Said the Chairman of
the North Bank and investment nozad David speaking to dry (range) that
the Bank had invested "huge projects over the past years in Iraq," a
project clean water to Rusafa area and draft electrical generating
station in Chamchamal 1000 MW for Sulaymaniyah and Erbil refinery
project and the Falcons refinery project and the draft alabarsh cement
factory and these projects are huge projects. "

Dry said that
"cooperation with Bank Asia cell telecommunications and do a deal worth
1.25 billion dollars, representing 25% of the company capital of five
billion dollars," he said, adding that "a significant portion of these
amounts from the Iraqi Central Bank by foreign remittances and entered
by Iraqi investors market stock exchange in Baghdad," adding that "all
these amounts deposited in the bank account of the North."

Iraq market for securities, has announced (5 March 2013), the shares of
asiacell telecommunication market in trading capital doubled the LME
during the month of February to more than nine billion dollars, with the
company became the largest shareholder in the market.

He said
media spokesman for the Association of private Iraqi banks speaking to
John sword (range) "I think this is an important meeting for North Bank
on economic and fiscal policy adopted by the Bank through which large
profits in 2012 began to be distributed to the shareholders as
receivable", stating that "the meeting was very positive and came up
with a number of positive recommendations."

The General Authority
for North Bank for finance and investment is a private shareholding
company founded by a number of shareholders representing the elite of
businessmen and traders, concerned at the level of the Iraqi market, and
have extensive experience in the revitalization and development of the
national economy in accordance with modern scientific foundations
through adopting advanced technological knowledge and used in Arabic and

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