Alsumaria News / Baghdad
, said secretary general of the Islamic Dawa Party Nuri al - Maliki , on Thursday, suffered offices and theheadquarters of political parties in Baghdad and other parts of the country to the closure by those he called "riot groups" have brought to mind the "Republican Guard gangs and the Fedayeen Saddam " during the rule the former regime, warning that continuing to stir up "internal conflicts" scheme, as called for Prime Minister and Minister ofInterior to provide security and protection required for the offices of political parties.
Maliki said in a statement received by Alsumaria News, a copy of it, that "offices and the headquarters of political parties in Baghdad and a number of central and southern governorates exposed to the transgressors attacks carried out by riot groups reminded the Iraqis that was done by the Republican Guard gangs and the Fedayeen Saddam during the Ba'athist era dark "adding that it" was supposed to employers demands true expression of her citizens arespected legal ways. " Maliki said that" the attack on the Islamic Dawa Party , which blocked the Baathist regime dictatorial and gave martyrs offices constitutes a new step to create chaos and confusion exploited to the title ofreform and service outside agendas and investigation the aggressive drive. " Maliki warned" those who stand behind this suspicious movement from continuing to stir up internal disputes in conjunction with the address of our armed forces and the crowd and popular sons of the tribes to organize Daash terrorist scheme, "calling at the same time" should be addressing these outlaw groups that have not the secret to all the Iraqi people , Aziz sons they are implementing foreign agendas. " Maliki has demanded" all the forces and political parties participating in the political process stand united against all those who try to crack the national ranks under the banners and allegations became blatant in front of everyone inside and outside Iraq , "calling at the same time , "the Prime Minister and the Interior Ministry and security services all to provide security and protection required for the offices of political parties and deal firmly with both beyond the political and official institutions, who think that such rejected moves will improve their image in front of the Iraqis." It is said that a number of people have close the block free offices in Baghdad and Basra , Dhi Qar , in protest against the delay in the implementation of government reforms they claim, while the bloc expressed understanding for it, and promised them again to proceed with the support of a broad reform.