BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq , the Washington Post reported today, it is being prepared to make the North Korean senior officials attending to the United States for talks with former US officials at the first meeting of its kind in more than five Snoat.ocetkon these talks , the clearest indication yet that North Korean leader Kim Jong - un wants to communicate with the American President Donald Trump management Aljdidh.oukalt newspaper reported, citing several people familiar with the arrangement that the planning for the talks are still in the stage of Althouder.oodavc that the State Department has yet to agree to grant visas to North Koreans this Mahadthat.oukal a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, told Reuters that such meetings are held in a "routine" on a range of different issues around the world and take place independently of Alomirkah.uallq a government official of the White House that it is not the US government plans to meet with Korea Achammalah.oothar North Korea 's test of a ballistic missile medium - range international condemnation last week. Trump said at a news conference after this test that "North Korea represents clearly a big problem and we will deal with it very strongly."