issued the Ministry of Transport, on Friday, a clarification on operational functions contracts in the Iraqi Airways , vowing regardless parked benefits 16 months after checking names, as decided to postpone the signing of the administrative orders of new contracts. 

The Ministry said in a statement received by Alsumaria News, a copy of it, "Some of the media circulated reports about the owners of contracts in Iraqi Airways, who took the gate of the entrance of the Ministry of Transport place for a sit-in because of the termination of their contracts by the previous administration of the Ministry, We would like to correct some information and clarify other information to the public opinion in order to inform everyone about the facts and the volume of efforts exerted by the ministry in this regard. "

The ministry added that "the Ministry of Transport and since the transfer of Minister of Transport Abdullah Laibi to the portfolio did not stand idly by in front of the outstanding demands between the contracts and owners and meet them and support their efforts throughout their work in Iraqi Airways, but it has been working since the beginning of the protests to find real solutions to equity Slide and grant them legitimate rights ". 

The ministry said that "the ministry identified the size of the problems in the contracts between the owners of operational contracts and Iraqi Airways, which has been terminated by the former Minister of Transport," indicating that "after the minister met the demonstrators and listen to their demands, the formation of a ministerial committee headed by a high inspector general The ministry and the membership of the legal department and other members to find out the problems taking place. " 

" The ministerial committeeIt was found that there is an intersection in the information, and work is still under way to check and sort the names of the workers in this field to pay their dues suspended for sixteen months, according to legal procedures in force. " 

the ministry said that" the minister face to wait in the signing of the administrative orders of new contracts, until the work of the committees is complete, after the protesters claim to cancel the list of contracts , consisting of 275 contracts concluded with Iraqi Airways, they do not represent them and the GOP And prejudice against them in their own words. "