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Muhammad Tawfiq Hussein Allawi .. Biography and training


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Muhammad Tawfiq Hussein Allawi .. Biography and training Empty Muhammad Tawfiq Hussein Allawi .. Biography and training

Post by rocky on Tue 21 Jan 2020, 2:26 pm

Muhammad Tawfiq Hussein Allawi .. Biography and training
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He was born in Baghdad in 1954 .. He finished his primary, intermediate and secondary studies in Baghdad .. Then he joined the University of Baghdad College of Architecture .. In the final year he had to leave the university and leave Iraq to Lebanon after the wave of arrests at the beginning of the year 1977, following the events of the forty visit.
He joined the American University in Beirut .. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture in the year 1980.
His professional activity:
He participated in the establishment of the Tawfiq Allawi Factory for the production of electrical wires and cables in Abu Ghraib in Baghdad .. In addition to the mosaic, PVC and plastic industries in Iraq .. Before that All his and his family's money is confiscated by Saddam's regime.
Founded (First Call) company to manufacture CDs in Britain.
Worked in the field of Architectural Design, Contracting, and Trade in Britain and Lebanon.
His social activity:
- An active member of one of the United Nations formations in Geneva, the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations .. through (Interfaith International), which has a consultative capacity at the United Nations to defend human rights .. and in particular the Iraqi person during the siege of Iraq and persecution To the Iraqi people by the defunct regime.
Founder of the Kosovo Appeal Organization for the Defense and Relief of the Persecuted Minority in the 1990s in the Former Yugoslav Republic.
His political activities:
his relations with the opposition parties:
He was an Islamist and close to Mr. Muhammad Baqir Al-Sadr .. Since he was a student at the University of Baghdad .. He was forced to leave Iraq in the ending class at the University of Baghdad at the beginning of the year 1977. -
He belonged to the Islamic Dawa Party .. Then he left This party when they disagreed with Mr. Muhammad Baqir Al-Sadr ..
A lot of Islamists objected to him because of his proximity to Iyad Allawi ... and his difference with Islamic parties.
Joining the National Bloc: -
Muhammad Allawi was adopting the concept of a civil state in differentiating between politics and religion.
He entered the political battlefield in the list of Dr. Iyad Allawi in the year 2005 and remained with it until today under its various names .. the Iraqi List .. the National List .. and the National Coalition.
Political positions: -
He was elected a member of the Iraqi parliament since the beginning of the year 2006. -
He was appointed Minister of Communications from mid-2006 until the end of the year 2007. -
He resigned from the ministry at the end of the year 2007. -
He joined again a member of the House of Representatives instead of the deceased deputy Aida Aseeran General 2008 until the 2010 elections. -
He was elected a member of the 2010 Parliament.
- He was appointed Minister of Communications at the end of the year 2010. -
He submitted his resignation from the Ministry of Communications due to his dispute with the Prime Minister at the end of the year 2012.
His accomplishments as Minister of Communications: - He
revealed a conspiracy by some officials in the Ministry of Communications to waive Iraq’s right to obtain its own orbit of its satellite in favor of Israel at a million dollars.
- He made some achievements and some projects, including: When he was Minister of Communications .. He also had many projects that were suspended after his resignation from the Ministry of Communications.
Below are some of his important projects:
The Scholarships Project for a master’s degree from Portsmouth and Brunel Universities in Britain .. 100 students with a master’s degree in communications were graduated. In addition to some students holding a PhD in Communications.
This project was suspended after leaving the Ministry, as 250 students were scheduled to graduate over a period of 5 years.
A project of half a million lines for NGN developed with the Swedish company Ericsson .. This project has been completely completed.
The high-tech landline phones were to be provided to all Iraqis through the FTTH project ..
This project was implemented in Al-Hussainiya in Baghdad .. But these projects were suspended after he left the ministry.
The security project to provide security for the city of Baghdad and the Iraqi-Syrian borders.
A: This has stopped for a project due to corruption and conflict between the Ministry of Interior and the Prime Minister's Office.
A project to link Iraqi banks in coordination with the World Bank. This project was completely completed.
The Access Gates Project ... which is now earning more than five million dollars a month for the Ministry.
Several infrastructure projects with Canadian Nortel companies ... and Alcatel French .. and Huawei .. and linking Iraq with submarine cables and neighboring countries.
These projects have been fully accomplished .. It has provided Iraq with a sophisticated system of infrastructure cables that are fully dependent on all mobile phone companies .. and all companies providing internet service in Iraq .. The infrastructure system has generated about ten million dollars a month for the ministry.
Several other projects were suspended after leaving the ministry: such
as the Smart City project .. Entrepreneurial education .. The medicine project from the distance .. The Information Centers project .. The Postal Bank project .. and the Noroztel Transit project .. which could have provided more than ten Millions of dollars a month .. and the FTTH project and the satellite project .. where negligence on this project after leaving the ministry led to the Israeli takeover throughout Iraq of the satellite.
His program to stop the spread of corruption in the Ministry of Communications: He
took several measures at the level of the Ministry of Communications to stop corruption, including:
Every company contracting with the ministry must make a certified undertaking with the notary public that it pledges not to pay any bribes to any employee in the ministry from the rank of a minister to the simplest employee .. Otherwise, the ministry has the right to cancel the contract .. and fined the company by 30% of the contract value. The company is placed on the blacklist .. as it is not allowed to contract with any government institution inside Iraq for a period of three years.
- All tender specifications for telecommunications equipment must be within the ITU global specifications.
His position on the Central Bank:
Muhammad Allawi wrote several articles that were dealt with by many news agencies in which he objected to the monetary policy of the Governor of the Central Bank, Mr. Ali Al-Alaq, and to the currency auction .. The Governor of the Central Bank responded to it as an open message in the media ..
- Muhammad Allawi’s response to the governor’s open letter was also in the media. He compared the policy of Dr. Sinan al-Shabibi, the former governor of the Central Bank, to the policy of Mr. Ali Al-Alaq.
His dispute with former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki: - The
dispute arose between the Minister of Communications Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, which led to the resignation of Muhammad Allawi at the end of the year 2012 -
What intensified the dispute between the two men is his participation in the middle of the year 2012 in the meeting in Erbil and the Najaf meeting to withdraw confidence On behalf of the Maliki government.
- One of the results of these differences was the formation of several investigation committees against Muhammad Allawi .. The elimination of its impact took a verdict against Muhammad Allawi, who is imprisoned for a period of seven years on charges of wasting public money.
Allawi left Iraq .. He returned to Iraq at the end of the year 2014 and faced the judicial charges .. The court’s final decision was to drop all rulings against him due to the incorrectness of all charges against him.
His economic proposals: He
has several papers published in various media outlets in which he warns of the dangerous and unknown future of the Iraqi economy because of:
The demand for liquid fuel has decreased dramatically ... and the price of oil has also fallen dramatically in less than a decade.
A number of letters addressed to the Prime Minister, Dr. Haider Al-Abadi and to the Governor of the Central Bank, Mr. Ali Al-Alaq, called for the elaboration of an economic policy studied by a group of international economic experts .. This research has been published by many different news agencies.
Sectarianism in Allawi's Dictionary:
His refusal to deal with citizens from a sectarian and ethnic standpoint .. It is exemplified in this field by the statement of Ayatollah Sayyid al-Sistani (do not say the Sunnah is our brothers but the Sunnah ourselves).
- It was known when he headed the Ministry of Communications that his evaluation of workers in the ministry was based on the employee's integrity, sincerity in his work and competence, far from his religious, sectarian or ethnic affiliation.
His integrity:
No public or private corruption charges were recorded on him.
Allawi, the only minister who did not seek to own the plot of land allocated to him.
- He did not receive the pension he deserves as a minister.
A: He didn't receive any cars. Knowing that the ministry allocated four cars to me, like all previous ministers. He refused to receive it.
A refusal to assign the number assigned to him from protection and to receive their allocations .. and the protection that was available to him was paid to them from his own pocket.
I traveled several business trips when I was a minister for the ministry .. He paid expenses from his own pocket .. Rather, the accounting department in the ministry called him after returning to Iraq in 2014 to pay him the debts owed by the ministry for some of the delegations he did not seek to receive .. -
Paying amounts Great for all of the ministry’s employees who were martyred… as well as those who were wounded in the terrorist bombings from my own pocket .. in addition to what is allocated to them from the state.

Hadi Hussain Alaiwi

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