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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Dozens demonstrate in front of Ahli Bank to demand their money and threatening to sit


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Dozens demonstrate in front of Ahli Bank to demand their money and threatening to sit

Post by rocky on Wed 10 Aug 2016, 3:20 am

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Dozens demonstrate in front of Ahli Bank to demand their money and threatening to sit

 Baghdad / long-Presse 

Dozens of citizens, on Tuesday, in front of my family bank in central Baghdad, to demand their money deposited in it, and as they called the government and the central bank ,religious and reference to "intervene to solve their problem," threatened to stage a sit -in in front of the bank in case of failure to meet their demands. 

He said one of the participants in the demonstration Ali Jassim said in an interview to the (long - Presse), said that "dozens of people came out, yesterday morning, in a demonstration in front of the Dar es Salaam Bank for investment and development building in confident Square, the center of the capital , Baghdad, to demand the return of their money deposited in the bank , " calling the religious authority and the prime minister and the World Bank Central and the media to "intervene to solve their problem and recover their money." 
He called Jassim manage the bank to "return the money deposited citizens , " and threatened to "organize asit -in in front of the bank in the event of non - recovery of the money deposited." For his part protester Hussein Karim said in an interview to the (long - Presse) that "our demands are re Mbaghanna that have been deposited in the bank and open an investigation to find out where I went this money , which is worth billions of dinars." 
He added that "officials in the bank refused to meet with us and explain it to us and use the excuse that management of the bank has changed and came a new administration. " in 
turn , said demonstrator Hassan al - Moussawi said in an interview to the (long - Presse), we" we deposited our money in the bank for a year and a half in line with the Central Bank of Iraq calls for the deposit money ofcitizens in the civil and government banks , rather than stored in the houses , but we We signed in trouble with the bank , "noting that" the bank refuses to give us our money and do not know the reasons although we need urgent of these funds One of the people deposited two million dollars and another four billion dinars. " 
He called on al - Moussawi , the President and the ministers and central bank and the integrity Commission to" intervene and resolve their problem and retrieval their money, "Mmhla Bank 's management a week" for refunds to customers, otherwise we will take other measures and actions figure may have dire consequences. " 
for his part , the correspondent said (range Press) that, the demonstrators tried to storm the bank building ,but the claims have prevented them , and after several attempts and verbal altercations were allowing the demonstrators Login bank after it was evacuated employees to a private room and close and prevent them from seeing the protesters before they allow the media to enter the building and filmed from the inside. 
he said he tried to conduct interviews with bank officials , but that the building security agents refused and told him that there was no official inside the headquarters. 
the Iraqi Central Bank revealed, on Thursday, (19 March 2015), the presence of a number of private banks lagging in its work during the last term, and in attributing the reason for the reluctance to non - payment ofdues of contractors and clients as a result of "lack of liquidity", vowed to dealers funds with lagging private banks through the "legal reserve". 
the Iraq Stock Exchange, confirmed that the Iraqi Central Bank to impose guardianship on some private banks, has led to "shake the confidence" of citizens, and low cash liquidity and price traded.
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