BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq confirmed to the Committee of the Regions and the provinces in the House of Representatives, on Monday, that the provincial elections will be postponed in theprovinces is safe until the stability of the situation in which, as revealed that the new Commission will Almqublh.oukal parliamentary election administration committee of the regions and provinces by Mohammad Reza Amin interview today: " the amount of money allocated to conduct provincial elections, and there are no problems hold them in safe provinces , " noting that "elections in theprovinces unsafe will be postponed until the stability of the situation in which" he added Amin, that " the allocation of places for polling displaced and monitor the whereabouts need financial allocations , "pointing out that" the current commission will take over the process for holding provincial elections, as will be choosing a new Commission to conduct the next parliamentary elections , ".ccant independent electoral Commission began during the month of August, updatingthe register of voters for the local elections scheduled to take place during the month of April 2017.ivkr that the independent electoral Commission opened, on Wednesday (20 July 2016), theDepartment of political parties and entities participating in the upcoming elections, and pointed out that the number of parties and entities amounted to more than 900 since 2005, and while confirming action local elections will be in April of next year 2017.