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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The Geller Report - 16 new articles


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The Geller Report - 16 new articles

Post by Lobo on Wed 21 Sep 2016, 1:52 pm

The Geller Report - 16 new articles

 Top Stories

  •  Muslim ‘Refugee’ Hurls Children Out Window Because Wife Demands Same Rights as German Women

  •  NY Bomber’s Jihad Journal: “I Beg for Martyrdom,” “Inshallah, the Bombs Will Be Heard in Your Streets,” “Attack the Kuffar in Their Backyard”

  •  After Muslim stabs non-Muslims in Minnesota mall, Minnesota Muslims play the victim

  •  More Evidence of NY Bomber’s Family’s Jihad Connections/Activity, Brother and Sister Posted Jihadi Messages

  •  Muslim migrant boat captain faces murder charges for throwing Christians overboard

  •  Muslim who plotted to behead Pamela Geller has returned to Catholicism, pleads guilty

  •  WATCH: Video of NY Jihadi Ahmad Rahami Dragging Bombs to Detonation Site

  •  Virginia Educator Vilified for Daring to Share Meme Critical of Muslims

  •  WATCH: ‘Swedes Must Integrate With Migrants,’ Says Government-backed Org

  •  Germany’s Jobs-for-Refugees an Epic Fail – But Merkel Insists: We Must Integrate

  •  NYC Jihad Bomber’s Mother and Wife Left U.S. for Middle East Days Before Attack

  •  Day after NY jihad bombing, Mayor de Blasio calls for more Muslim migrants

  •  United Nations Condemned on Syria – By Left-Leaning MSNBC Host

  •  Aussie PM warns against ‘demonizing’ Muslims in Australia

  •  Hamas-CAIR worries about “backlash” after Minnesota mall jihad, governor calls for “religious tolerance”

  •  ‘I wish I could turn back time’ Merkel finally admits she REGRETS open-door migrant policy

  •  More Recent Articles

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