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In the Forum hosted by the Baghdad bankers Arabs: the Iraqi economy is eligible to be a tiger VIII

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In the Forum hosted by the Baghdad bankers Arabs: the Iraqi economy is eligible to be a tiger VIII

Post by Hkp1 on Sun 13 Jan 2013, 12:37 pm

In the Forum hosted by the Baghdad bankers Arabs: the Iraqi economy is eligible to be a tiger VIII

13/01/13 10: 03

Baghdad Bank Economic Forum new turn in the course of joint Arab action
through the participation of financial experts and business forums
organized in cooperation between the Arabic Bank Union and International
Union of Arab bankers and private Iraqi banks.

The Forum which
was sponsored by the Prime Minister and parliamentary and governmental
participation came to strengthen the role of the private banking sector
and give impetus to contribute to economic development through access to
international experiences and Arabic in this area and devoted
worksheets in the Forum on the importance of supporting this important
sector with a view to strengthening partnership in the face of Arabic
Bank global financial crises.

Abdul Basit Turki, Governor of the
Central Bank, said that the meeting marked the beginning of serious
stage in cooperation with regional States and universal, where she
attended the Arab banking Union delegations as well as delegations from
developed countries, pointing out the importance of the development of
the banking industry and Arabic to return to the region the ability to
manage our wealth, our countries have human and natural ingredients to
promote the banking industry and its products.

The wealth of our
countries have for long periods of time, and today it is necessary to
work on the proper management of resources and to development and
construction and service of our future generations.

Increasing the cash reserve

Bank Governor promised by Abdul Basit Turki establishment of such a
forum in Baghdad clearly has great size and strength of the national
economy, hoping that the Forum supports investment projects undertaken
by Iraq aimed at reconstruction and construction.

Turkish drew
during a speech on the sidelines of the opening of the Forum that
Baghdad used to be an incubator for everything good and beneficial for
all countries and the forum only clear evidence of Iraq's efforts to
revive the financial sector in all Arabic countries, especially in the
difficult global economic circumstances and are subject to degradation,
noting that the Forum will provide one layout for Arabic economic
policies, as well as other objectives aimed at revitalizing the Iraqi
economic realities, particularly the productive diversity Iraq is known
to all, so that the Iraqi economy is cash crop and is the basis for oil
revenues in financing of public budgets, adding that despite those
economic restructuring but they provide investment opportunities and
possibilities that could make a difference economically in the country,
especially with the abundance of Iraq's economy.

The time in
which the Central Turkish take inter actions and steps to revive the
budget out of the traditional character and rid it of the possible
impact, Iraq foreign reserves reached the limits of the (110) billion
dollars by the end of this year, and this figure is financially
important to cover the local currency could provide further protection
and strength of other influences, the Governor said that the growth
forecasts are pointing to the possibility that high levels this year,
likely increasing the national economy's growth rate Nine percent,
coinciding with increased production and export of oil.

also said that the Bank's independence by the responsibility of leading
the banking business in Iraq, and the development of financial services
and improve banking density to one bank for every 40,000 people,
moreover, economic management is according to the Constitution, and the
graph is a market economy, and from here take the World Bank role in the
pursuit of foreign currencies through the banking sector's economic
activities, and that this trend is consistent with economic freedom, so
we are in a strong Bank, economy We hope that this forum is dealing with
sensitive issues in the banking sector to succeed in making
recommendations to the development of this sector.

Iraq economic tiger sleeping

these words describe general secretary of the Union of Arab Banks and
Sam Fattouh Iraq, which praised the government's measures adopted in the
country and efforts to bring economic change commensurate with the
possibilities of Iraq human and financial, pointing through his speech
that the forum is held under conditions of Arab precision, and Central
مخاضات Arab Spring, warning that the economic situation will get worse during future periods as a result of the global economic crisis.

called Arab banks to take further measures to counter what object
methods provided and increase capital funds, especially the fight
against corruption, unemployment and money laundering, pointing out that
Iraq is a country rich able to bring in more investment companies
thanks to the great efforts made by the government in order to develop
the economic reality in general and the banking In
particular, and as expressed Fattouh ready system Arab Banking to
provide various kinds of support and advice to Iraq in order to revive
the fact investment in it, announced achieving rates of GDP in the
country reached $ 132 billion last year, expecting a rise to the limits
of $ 154 billion during the current year, indicating Statistics
owned by the Union of Arab Banks expect to achieve Iraq's high growth
rates have not notified by any of the countries the world this year,
pointing out that these statistics approached the limits of 14.7

said that all Arab bankers should take it upon themselves to the
advancement of economic reality, as well as their efforts to fight
corruption, poverty and unemployment, saying that the role of the
banking system during future periods will be Arabic on Iraqi economic
activities in its various forms to contribute to that system to its role
in the development of financial institutions and the reconstruction and
construction undertaken by Iraq for years, especially the banking
reforms, financing of productive sectors, revitalizing the private
sector financing mechanisms, saying those things as a whole are key
areas in which Draw a road map in Iraq, where banking investment
requires funding effort banks can play in the development of their
performance in Iraq.

Fattouh commended the economic laws in
General and particularly investment in Iraq, stressing that the
development of the country's investment body thanks to altkamlh
legislation approved by the Iraqi Government, which contributed to
attract many companies and foreign investors to the country.

time within which the expected Fattouh Iraqi economy achieves high
growth rates, he stressed that Iraq's exports will rise this year to 89
billion dollars, expected to report next year 2013 more than 109 billion
dollars, adding that oil revenues thanks to the significant development
in this sector has been able to convert the previous budget deficits to
surpluses, as well as reducing government debt.

Fatouh said that
the assets of the banks during the year amounted to Arabic 2011 about
2.6 trillion dollars, he would address the challenges faced by countries
Arabic of the problems of money laundering and other economic crises at
the same time, the Iraqi banks association comprising all the banks,
economists and deal directly with the Central Bank of Iraq with the aim
of reviving the country's development realities, particularly the Iraq
country can develop economic reality, and also said: That Iraq economic
tiger has come to wake it up.

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