BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq , Iraq 's ambassador said in Cairo and its permanent representative to the Arab League Mohammed Habib al- Sadr, said on Saturday that Iraq 's political leadership believes that the economic openness to Egypt is a strategic choice, referring to the Iraqi embassy 's quest to put these aspirations into Alttbaiq.oobdy chest Iraq 's desire to benefit from the expertise of the public business sector of the Egyptian companies, especially in the construction and contracting , chemical industries and, and meet the needs of the Iraqi people from the medicine, referring to exhibitions of Egyptian products in Iraq during the period Almqublh.jae during his meeting, Minister of public Business sector Ashraf Sharkawy the presence of Haider Nuri Jabr Iraq 's commercial attaché in Cairo, and Nizar Hassan al - Hakim , the political relations official Bambassarh.ookd minister that Egypt is ready to provide support for the Iraqi economy, as well as the readiness of the Ministry of the public business sector companies to participate in investment projects in Iraq through the best use of the experience in a variety of fields, especially contracting and construction companies that implement projects in a number of Arabah.wachara States to the importance of the Iraqi market as a destination for Egyptian exports, in light of that enjoyed by Egyptian products, especially the products of public business sector companies of high quality and great competitive advantages, stressing seek to remove any obstacles facing relations trade between the two countries.