The Italian ambassador to Iraq, Marco Carnelos, said Saturday that his country has provided more than 420 million euros in aid to Iraq, including 99 million euros to repair the Mosul Dam, noting that his government is making great efforts to preserve the Iraqi relics of the existing war risks. "Italy's participation in Iraq is not only combat, but there is humanitarian support through the program of joint cooperation, health and child assistance," Carnilos said in a press statement. "Italy before all provided a loan to Iraq to plug Mosul and agriculture, More than 420 million euros. " The Italian government has provided 99 million euros as a prelude to the reform of the Mosul Dam and there are 260 million euros will be allocated for the reconstruction of Iraq and we expect the government to provide programs. " "The Italian government has provided 60 million to support the relics and the agricultural sector and 10 million in post-conflict assistance to some areas, which will be provided through a fund through the United Nations, which will oversee projects in Iraq," he said. "We support the development and reform of Iraq's heritage, In order to prevent the smuggling of antiquities and we have 8 research teams for relics to explore and protect the existing effects, "noting that" a year ago was opened the center of the Italian-Italian archaeological for the Qashla in Baghdad to train Iraqis in the search for antiquities. "He explained that" a satellite inventory of archaeological sites Which she occupied and was called "The Italian police have special teams to follow up the smuggled Iraqi antiquities, in addition to training them in the Iraqi police to search for the smuggled effects in order to put them on the list of stolen monuments. "The Iraqi Museum was restored by the Italian government at its own expense and the Ashourin Hall was restored and made it one of the best galleries in the world like the British Museum."