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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The increasing demand of international companies to invest in Iraq

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The increasing demand of international companies to invest in Iraq Empty The increasing demand of international companies to invest in Iraq

Post by Hkp1 on Sun 23 Dec 2012, 1:37 pm

The increasing demand of international companies to invest in Iraq

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23/12/2012 09: 33

Economists expected an increase to investment companies demand during
the next world, eye-catching to improve legal collaboration and provide
fertile ground for entrepreneurship and Government facilities have
played a prominent role in attracting international companies to Iraq,
particularly oil companies and technology and reconstruction companies,
as the Government seeks to provide more facilities to private companies
to operate its business, welcomed on economic grant the future increased
budget allocations to support the private sector, gratefulness at the
same time increasing the share of investment in Next year's budget which they said workers could stimulate more international companies to work in Iraq.

Iraq has been widely used for international companies that disagree on
lines between the oil companies and other technology and many other
global companies, although many contend that improved investment
environment for attracting so many global companies, Economist and
member of the national investment Commission Thaer Faili sees security
improvement and openness of the Iraqis on the best companies and enact
new laws on investment are the major factors that played a role in the
entry of large companies to attend the global investment arena, and drew
during Speaking to the times from 2013 will see
more blockbuster companies specialized in many areas, stressing the need
to attract companies involved in the development of scientific
technology, industry and agriculture, as well as discreet oil companies,
indicating that this type of company can transfer various types of
technology to Iraq, and run as many unemployed.

And between the great orientation of Faili international companies
wishing to invest in Iraq due to the global economic recession
experienced by large commercial and industrial countries, which prompted
companies to find promising investment environments, and emerging
markets, the available commands are in Iraq at the moment.

He wanted to adopt the Faili further legislation and laws that
facilitate the entry of various investment companies to Iraq, adding
that this acceptance would develop economic infrastructure of Iraq.

The Iraqi scene has been widely used by specialized international
companies, which the Economist called Tawfik inhibitor to demand more
actions that could overcome the obstacles facing SMEs, especially in the
subjects of work permits and visas, saying while talking on the
importance of providing the infrastructure projects in Iraq,
particularly discreet banking system able to meet all the requirements
of international companies to transfer and receive funds, and the need
for computerization of the banking sector and the introduction of Modern technological means to him, such as credit cards, credit card and other sophisticated Office filing.

And manei to the importance that the Government take on private sector
development, and enable it to play a leading role in the bilateral
partnerships with foreign investors and global companies, indicating
that this step will transfer modern technology to Iraqi personnel, and
develop their professional skills, and they have well-developed global
expertise in many areas.

The Iraqi
markets are widely used on modern electronic products, major called on
the world to be strongly in the Iraqi market, which he regarded as
Director of LG in the Levant and Iraq Kai Rio it (I) without any
competing claimant, confirming that his company started working with
more than one production line to boost its presence in Iraq, and not
another these lines are lines of central air-conditioning and modern
lighting, but beyond that to include many products that the Iraqi market
eagerly received as a result of aspiration Sophisticated
technology being able to rise to the ranks of developed countries in
this area, and the Rio investment laws commended Iraq deemed to pose no
obstacle to foreign investors, and if it does not rise to the level to
be a real obstacle, he also pointed out that his company does not seek
only to bring advanced scientific technology to Iraq, is also seeking to
bring Korean culture and transferred to the Iraqi people, as well as
their efforts to develop the abilities of children who said they were
able to develop reality Iraq in the future.

Rio showed his interest in the Iraqi market, which it said market
(Baker) and is the focus of attention of all other global companies
interested in Iraq, adding to his very distinct types of modern
electronic devices and means of communication, telephones,
refrigeration, they seek to confirm their presence more than it is due
to open the Iraqi market to what is new and evolving.

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