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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The Entrepreneurship Forum in the Arab World supports companies from 7 Arab countries


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The Entrepreneurship Forum in the Arab World supports companies from 7 Arab countries

Post by rocky on Sun 22 Apr 2018, 2:26 am

The Entrepreneurship Forum in the Arab World supports companies from 7 Arab countries

13:54 - 21/04/2018

Information / Baghdad ..
The MIT Entrepreneurial Forum in the Arab World crowned the winners of the 11th edition of the Forum for Arab Emerging Companies as part of the annual competition to support innovation in the Arab world and to give entrepreneurs a platform to showcase and apply their ideas.
The 10 winners were announced at the closing ceremony held in Muscat in partnership with Jamil Jamil and in collaboration with the strategic partners of this year, namely, Pioneer, Omantel and Zain Group as a digital partner.
The winners of the Amman Convention and Exhibition Center were crowned by more than 400 investors, business leaders, media representatives and well-known social actors.
The first place in the field of start-up companies was QuirkBood from Egypt, an online platform that develops 21st-century skills for students through expert content and a design that encourages students to interact.
The second was the Lebanese company Spike, which helps diabetics manage insulin consumption through innovations in hardware and software.
And the third, from the correspondent of the company "Smart Data Logger" Jordan, which provided a device that records the temperature of the shipment, relying on Internet things.
In the case of social entrepreneurship companies, Khudairi Company of Egypt, which specializes in biogas technology and is able to convert waste into energy, has been replaced by the use of livestock manure and shed residues.
The second is for the French company Fabrik Ed, which has a successful European model that motivates non-governmental organizations to collect more clothes without worrying about expenses and distribution.
The third place for social entrepreneurship companies was acquired by San Box from Palestine, which provided an environmentally friendly product that generates electricity from solar energy enough to meet the basic needs of the family, namely lighting, the Internet, a small refrigerator and a television, and can be used to charge electronic devices.
In terms of start-ups, first place was the Tunisian company Provin Medelite, which provided a solution to restore the normal social life of the patient suffering from urinary incontinence, while Egypt's Wade Bot was second to the Middle East's first platform Automatic speaker without any programming in minutes. Ending / 25

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