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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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21 Stunning Cats Who Have Pretty Eyes


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21 Stunning Cats Who Have Pretty Eyes

Post by Lobo on Fri 26 Aug 2016, 6:01 pm

21 Stunning Cats Who Have Pretty Eyes

1. Look at this cat’s sea-green eyes. Incredible.

waldo0 / Reddit / Via

2. Or this kitty’s peepers, which are bluer than the bluest sky.

JDipper / Imgur / Via

3. This cat holds the mysteries of the universe in those eyes.

myhightide / Reddit / Via

4. And oh my goodness, just behold this gorgeous cat with perfect cat-eye makeup.

cobythecat / Instagram / Via

5. Or this feline, whose emerald orbs perfectly complement her grey fur.

PrincessMerida / Imgur / Via

6. How about this fluffy guy, who can see right into your very soul?

Pumpkinsavvy / Imgur / Via

7. And this magnificent specimen, who could make you confess anything with just one look.

Cecihana / Imgur / Via

8. Here’s a wee kitten whose eyes couldn’t agree on a colour, so they both did their own thing, with beautiful results.

onlineustaadtutorial / Imgur / Via

9. Proof that yellow eyes can be striking.

Twitter: @realscientists

10. This bright-eyed munchkin sees all and knows all.

11. You’ve gotta be kitten me with those sparkly things.

Wretchedwitch / Reddit / Via

12. Just look at this angel-faced tabby, with naturally bright rings around his deep blue eyes.

Twitter: @Jlaineee

13. How does anything get done when eyes like these exist in the world?

kinggarbanzo / Reddit / Via

14. Does that shade of green even exist anywhere else in nature?!?!

Twitter: @alexis_brianna8


mylefthand / Imgur / Via

16. Just matching his orange eyes to his furry accents. So chic.

Twitter: @Yumizu_Chan

17. This floofy loaf will win every staring contest.

schuschinka / Imgur / Via

18. Someone stole the ocean and put it in this cat’s eyes.

Solid2 / Reddit / Via

19. These huge eyes shine brighter than the sun.

hayley514 / Reddit / Via

20. You could get lost in there fur-ever.

Twitter: @HRzeigler13

21. All hail the hypno-kitties.

Twitter: @twt_gambar

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