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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daesh reveals his cards with Israel


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Daesh reveals his cards with Israel

Post by rocky on Tue 25 Apr 2017, 2:06 am

Daesh reveals his cards with Israel

Arab and international Tuesday April 25, 2017

Iraqi writer and political analyst Zahra Ali

It seems that Daesh and in the movement of puerility him fired by mistake towards Israel Raith and Daamth and Mahrkih shell in the region However, immediately before you react or alert him and apologized proving evidence that Daesh did not come to the region in order to spread Islam or the liberation of Islamic lands from the yoke of the infidels, but is Israel's arm in the region, even paving the ground and pass areas controlled by the keys, and this is evidenced by the investigations every time is to control where the Daesh areas where the discovery of types of very sophisticated Israeli weapons that are not owned or fold unless Israel or America.

To this revealed Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon, the former that the organization of "terrorist Daesh" was shot once by mistake only towards the Golan and then apologized for it immediately.

The transfer of the Israeli TV channel site of the tenth former Security Minister Moshe Yaalon was quoted as saying that "Daesh fired once toward the Golan and apologized."

He said Yaalon, commenting on the incident of the Golan Heights, last Friday night, that "most of the cases of the shooting was getting from the territory under Syrian military control," adding that "one incident occurred, in the recent period, Daesh opened fire by mistake apologized immediately".

Yaalon drew the finger at Iran, saying that "the Iranians are directed to launch attacks against Israel," stressing that "Daesh was not and once it shoots at us, but Iran has always been"

This matter does not keep this recognition no doubt that Daesh is the military arm of Israel in the Arab depth and that there is no part of its plans and programs of any plan to attack or take out Israel from Palestine and its liberation from the yoke of occupation or exposure to Israel or fight it, but that its plans and programs Mptnah only fight the Muslims and kill them and displace them and loot their wealth and the destruction of the infrastructure of their countries and their jobs letters, murder, terrorism and bombings until Israel feels safe and stability away from the arenas of conflict with them or think about the liberation of Palestine from occupation which during the preoccupation with Muslim countries and resistance, including in particular terrorism The settlement is to expand the scope and terrorism practiced against the Palestinian people with impunity and scruples and uncontrollably.

The Israeli occupation army announced late last Friday, the fall of three rocket-propelled grenades from Syria within the territory under the control of Israel in the occupied Golan Heights, without causing injuries or damage.

For his part, the Israeli army confirmed that it had targeted sites to the regular army inside Syrian territory, and said targeting came "in response to the sliding of missiles from the internal war in Syria into Israeli territory."

Syrian sources said that "the Israeli army targeted Tel Abu Nada in the Golan site cannon Syrian military stationed in one of the points in Kenitra Khan Arnaba Kom through the oak tree."

Perhaps it can be said that this strike may also be part of the plan that has been the measure has to hit the Syrian depth under the pretext of attacking Israel from him and sending missiles from Syrian territory so that there will be a pretext to public opinion Israel hit the Syrian depth in support of terrorism and terrorists who began their strength and their spirits crumble no longer possible for them to repeat their accounts to be able to triumph over the strong will of the Syrian army and the people who stand with all the steadfastness and parents in the face of terrorism and its supporting countries.

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