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"Information" publishes the text of the statement of the Sistani authority today


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"Information" publishes the text of the statement of the Sistani authority today Empty "Information" publishes the text of the statement of the Sistani authority today

Post by rocky on Fri 13 Dec 2019, 6:04 am

"Information" publishes the text of the statement of the Sistani authority today

12:20 - 13/12/2019

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The information / Baghdad ..
The Information Agency publishes the text of the statement of the supreme religious authority, Mr. Ali Al-Sistani, whose representative, Mr. Ahmed Al-Safi, delivered during his second sermon today, Friday, from Karbala.
It stated:
Days before the second anniversary of the announcement of victory over [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]  passed in the great historical battle that the Iraqis fought and did a good deal to liberate expensive parts of their homeland that the terrorist organization had previously seized, and they presented in this way for more than three years tens of thousands of martyrs and weakened that Of the wounded and the injured, and they shined bright pages of the history of [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]  in letters of honor and dignity, and they drew the most beautiful pictures of heroism and redemption, in defense of the land, the display and the sanctities.
On this occasion, dear to the hearts of all Iraqis, we remember with honor and dignity the righteous martyrs who watered the soil of the homeland with their fine blood, so they rose to the highest levels of glory and dignity, and we direct the highest verses of respect and appreciation to loved ones from their families and families, and to the wounded and disabled, and to the heroic fighters who still many of them They continue to defend themselves from fever, and they confront the remnants of the terrorists valiantly, and they pursue their hidden cells in various regions without tiredness or boredom, so they are all very grateful and sincere supplication.
Today, we must reaffirm what has been previously mentioned that the building of the army and other Iraqi armed forces should be based on solid professional foundations, so that their loyalty to the homeland and rise to its defense against any external aggression, and protect its political system emanating from the will of the people in accordance with constitutional and legal frameworks.
We also reaffirm the need to work to improve living conditions in the liberated areas and to rebuild and enable their displaced people to return to them with dignity and dignity.
Dear Iraqis
Another fateful battle is ahead of you today, which is (the battle for reform) and the end of a long era of corruption and failure in the management of the country. Terrorism, if not more severe and harsh, and the honorable Iraqis who took refuge in the battle of terrorism are able - with the help of God Almighty - to engage in this battle and victory in it as well if they manage it well) and it is certain that the use of peaceful methods is the basic condition for victory in it, and what is optimistic is that Most of the participants in the demonstrations and sit-ins GA They realize the importance of its peacefulness and freedom from violence, chaos and harm to the interests of citizens, despite all the high blood that was shed injustice and aggression, and the latest of which was what happened at the beginning of this week of a sinful attack on loved ones demonstrators in the Al-Senak area in Baghdad, where dozens of them were victims of a martyr And wounded.
This painful incident and the repeated incidents of assassination and kidnapping in the past days confirm once again the importance of what the religious authority has repeatedly called for, that weapons - all weapons - must be subject to the authority of the state and not to allow any armed group outside its scope under any name or address. The stability of the country and the maintenance of civil peace in it depends on achieving this matter, which is what we hope will eventually be the result of the ongoing reform movement.
We strongly condemn the killings, kidnappings and assaults that took place in all its forms - including the horrific and horrific crime that occurred yesterday in the Al Wathba area - we call upon the concerned authorities to be at the level of responsibility and reveal those who committed these crimes and hold them accountable, and we warn against the repercussions of repeating them on the security The stability of the country and its direct impact on the peace of the protests, which must be taken care of by everyone, and we stress the necessity that a fair judiciary is the reference in all crimes and violations, and that the punishment may not be imposed even on those who are entitled to it except by legal means, but as for witchcraft, representation and suspension it is Limit Adtha crimes must be held accountable perpetrators, and sadly what is observed from the meeting of a large number of people to follow the terrible scenes yesterday, and no strength except in Allah the Most High Alazim.anthy / 25

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