BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq warned the Security and Defense Committee in Parliament, on Tuesday, Iraqi youth from being dragged behind the "Offers" the US Embassy to act as information media personnel, bloggers, viewing it as " a new American intrigue , " while the Foreign Ministry called on the need to intervene and put an end to interventions Embassy in internal affairs . The committee member said Hassan Salem in a press statement today: " The invitation of the US Embassy for our young people to work in the media or bloggers is another form of the machinations of the Americans and the Iraqi youth to beware of it," calling on the State Department to " the need to intervene and put an end to the continuation of the US blatant interference in the internal affairs of Iraq. " Salem added, that " the United States will not ever - meddling in Iraq 's internal affairs , " adding that "Aldaasha for a number of our cities and the sweep of his successor tragedies are only the machinations of an American for the continuation of the state of chaos in the country." It is noteworthy that the US Embassy in Baghdad , published a declaration which called for Iraqi youth who want to work in media and bloggers for a monthly salary, while among the media warned the American Declaration.